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Pa Health Care Exchange For Animals, Vegetables And Steelers

By now, many of  you know that in 2014, a “Health Insurance Exchange” will be established in Pennsylvania to assist consumers purchase their medical coverage. Of course, our website will continue to be your first stopping point in this process. But there is one little problem. Obamacare, despite 2012 election results is still fairly unpopular and the State Marketplaces may not be ready to fully function in 2014. Or 2015. Or 2016! So until they are ready, I have created the Pa Health Care Exchange for Animals, Vegetables and Steelers. Yes, it is a fictitious concept, but until the real one is operational, I hope you enjoy my satirical and silly look at my newly-created Exchange. (Real information can be found here)  Here are 10 fun facts that you need to know about it. 1. Dogs and cats born in Pennsylvania will receive free preventive care from a veterinarian of their owner’s choice. This will consist of a routine annual physical, bubble-bath, pedicure, and 12 owner-obedience classes. For those pets that are over age 55 (in dog and cat years of course), they are entitled to a free MRI every five years. 2. For every Sunday that the Steelers win (including preseason games), the team will give away 10,000 “Terrible Towels,” that can be used for wiping off excess moisture during exercise workouts. And since mandatory exercise of 400 hours per month is now required, it should come...

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Keystone Health Plan East HMO Individual Plans – Compare Rates

Keystone Health Plan East HMO plans are available to individuals and families who live in Southeastern Pennsylvania. We help you compare the most affordable Independence Blue Cross policies on and off the Exchange and easily apply for coverage. If you reside in the counties of Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Philadelphia or Delaware, you can purchase private or small business benefits through our website. Services also extend to New Jersey and Delaware. Pa Keystone HMO plans allow you to organize your medical treatment through a primary care provider (pcp). With almost 21,000 network physicians available, it’s easy to find a doctor, specialist, hospital, or other medical facility that’s located within minutes of your work or residence. Currently there are six available options which include one Platinum, two Gold, two Silver and a Bronze. HMO Vs. PPO These six plans are offered through the Pa Marketplace and are eligible for the federal subsidy, which began in 2014. You choose a primary care physician that is typically your first contact if you need treatment. If specialized or emergency aid is needed, you are referred to other providers within the network. Deep discounts are usually provided when you stay “in-network.” ER expenses are an exception, since often you need immediate aid and can’t choose the facility. Treatment  outside of the network often results in higher...

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2013 Pa Health Insurance News

2013 Pa health insurance news stories have been very informative and entertaining. Most of these stories impact what you pay (or will pay) for your current or future medical coverage. We’ll highlight a few of the most relevant items and provide our professional opinion on how they impact you and your family. We will start with the most relevant topics in 2013 and end with the popular topics of 2012. “Pennsylvania elects not to choose “essential health benefits” A total of 22 states (including Pa) decided not to elect a benchmark policy that will form the basis of minimum requirements for all individual and small business plans issued in 2014. Instead, a pre-selected policy will be used.  OK. Let me decipher that. Any policy purchased through the Exchange must have specific benefits included, whether requested or not. An Aetna plan with a $1,500 deductible will be the “benchmark” to be used. Currently, you can elect a stripped-down policy or a Cadillac option with every imaginable feature. But that will change when the Exchanges are created and running in 2014. We will provide our typical unbiased advice and help you find the least expensive options. But, you may have to accept a few benefits that you really don’t want. It’s the law now. But maybe a tax-break will help out. “Assurant cited for excessive medical insurance premiums” Surprise! We actually have been informing...

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PersonalBlue Saver PPO Individual Plan From Capital Blue Cross

The PersonalBlue Saver PPO is a new low cost individual Pa health insurance plan from Capital Blue Cross. Central Pennsylvania individuals and families can now purchase quality medical benefits  at an affordable rate. Premiums are lower than the PersonalBlue PPO plan, allowing more individuals and families to fit the Saver plan within their budget. Although premiums are discounted, the policy features rich benefits and still utilizes discounts from Blue Cross Network providers. We help you compare different plan options from the top companies in the area (including Geisinger, Aetna, and Highmark) so you can make an informed decision regarding which policy best meets your needs in the most economical way. The quotes you receive from this website are always free and unbiased. This specific policy has been designed for the Lehigh Valley and nearby residents. Several of the largest areas in the Lehigh Valley include Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Emmaus, Northampton, Palmer Township, Salisbury Township, and Whitehall Township. Located in the Great Appalachian Valley and Pennsylvania Dutch Country, healthcare prices are typically very competitive, when compared to bigger areas, such as Harrisburg, Philadelphia, or Pittsburgh. Medical Coverage For Only A Few Months However, if you only need coverage for less than six months, the short-term plan information can be found here. ...

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Pennsylvania Private Vs. Group Health Insurance – Which Option Is Best?

Should you enroll in your employer’s healthcare plan or purchase your own Pennsylvania health insurance coverage? Rates are different. Coverage is different. Underwriting guidelines, however, should be identical.  Which option is best for you? Actually, that depends on many factors. We utilize more than 37 years of  knowledge and experience to help you make the proper and most informed decision. It could save you thousands of dollars and dozens of headaches each year. Group Health Insurance In Pa Employer-sponsored medical coverage is very popular. Big companies, such as PPG, Comcast, Heinz, Cigna and US Steel offer comprehensive  benefits and very affordable prices. Of course, once you leave, it might be different, depending on your situation. Typically, you can’t take your group benefits with you unless you retire before age 65. Although COBRA may be available, the rate you pay is likely to be significantly higher than when you were actively working. The difference in premium can easily be as much as $1,000 per month. Many popular employer-provided medical options are high-deductible plans that are HSA-eligible. Although the employer is not required to deposit funds into your account, it’s not unusual for workers to receive between $100 and $250 per month to utilize for paying deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and other out-of-pocket costs. Since preventative benefits are...

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Pennsylvania Small Group Health Insurance Rates To Be Regulated

The Department Of Insurance (PDOI) will increase control in regulating Pennsylvania small group health insurance rates. Gov. Tom Corbett signed a law that allows the PDOI to have more influence in approving and of course, disapproving rate increases of more than 10% requested by health insurers. This law could possibly help keep group medical insurance costs more stable, by persuading carriers to request smaller price hikes. When Exchanges begin offering plans in 2014, hopefully these rates will remain affordable. However, many business owners have already indicated they will begin laying employees off or cutting the hours of full-time workers. Although not a popular move, it may be needed for the survival of many firms facing higher expenses. The Affordable Care Act is not necessarily  employer-friendly, and despite public assertions, many consumers will not be able to keep their existing plans. Local Government Gets Boost The new law also provides more authority to local government and less for the federal government which is what most consumers prefer. Although it is likely rates will continue to increase, the increases may be more modest. This law does not impact individual health insurance rates in Pennsylvania since premium increases are already reviewed by the PDOI. Consumers are always notified in advance of when premiums are going to increase (or decrease). However,...

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Choosing The Right Health Insurance Plan – Tips To Help Find Coverage

Picking the right health insurance in Pennsylvania is not an easy task. What type of policy is best? What company provides the most medical benefits for the least cost? Where do I buy the plan? Does it make a difference? So many choices. We have the answers that will help and the tips that will save you time and money. Our website was created with two goals. First, we wanted to provide the most accurate and current  information regarding a wide range of topics including rate information, policies, healthcare reform information, applying for coverage, pre-existing conditions and many more. Second, we wanted to give you the ability to easily apply for a Pennsylvania health insurance policy and pay the absolute lowest rate that every company offered. And that’s exactly what we have done. We also will help you with any enrollment forms that are needed to apply for coverage and any tax benefits that will reduce your prices through an Exchange. If you qualify for a federal or state subsidy, you may need assistance calculating the monthly tax credit you should receive, and determining which plans can best take advantage of the lower premiums. If you are not eligible for state or federal financial assistance, several low-cost, high-benefit options remain available. Help With Picking A Plan Of course, the “choosing the right plan” part may be the most important step in the process....

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Pa Health Care Will Cover Women’s Birth Control

Your health insurance coverage in Pennsylvania will cover women’s birth control and other reproductive expenses in 2012. Starting next August, thanks to  the “Affordable Care Act, health insurers will be forced to provide many additional preventive services at no cost or copay to their policyholders. Some of these services include breastfeeding support and sexually-transmitted disease counseling. Typically, these services are not covered on conventional private policies, or deductibles and/or copays must be met. And guess who might pay for these services? You.  Exchange Health rates in Pennsylvania will probably increase, as the insurers pass the cost to the consumers. Preventive benefits are important for men and women, and medical plans should cover most of these expenses. But paying for birth control is going a bit too far, and is actually forbidden, for religious reasons, to many Keystone State residents. Changing Views Vovering the “morning after pill” was also a very controversial decision made by the Obama administration. So was Obama’s announcement that he now supports gay marriages. (By the way, I do not have strong feelings for either side on these controversial subjects). This “flip-flop,” is, of course, not unusual with politicians, including Obama and several of his predecessors. Did he change his views for political reasons? I’ll assume that was not the reason....

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