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Pennsylvania Health Insurance Exchange Authority – View Plan Information

Individual and family Pennsylvania health insurance plans will be issued through the PHIEA (Pennsylvania Health Insurance Exchange Authority) beginning in 2021. PA HB3 was the passed legislation that established the Exchange Fund. A state-based Exchange (SBE) often saves consumers money by reducing plan premiums, and increases access by making it easier for Keystone State residents to apply for coverage. The Open Enrollment period is also extended by 45 days, beginning November 1 and ending January 15th. The Federal Marketplace OE period is from November 1 to December 15. More than 400,000 persons are expected to apply for coverage. The average savings should be approximately 5%-10% per consumer. The General Fund is not required to contribute any funds. An SEP (Special Enrollment Period) is granted throughout the year for a qualified life event. The added flexibility of Pa's SBE will provide increased coordination with state agencies and programs, outreach to enrollees and persons applying for coverage, better methods to handle consumer concerns and complaints, enhancing and improving the shopper's experience, and making it easier to analyze application and enrollment data. It's estimated that by operating the Exchange, the state will be able to lower premiums by approximately 5%-10%. The new website Pennie will be utilized for 2021 enrollments instead of The...

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Pennsylvania Health Insurance 2020 Rate Change Requests

Pa health insurance plans will cost more in 2020 than in previous years. Increases widely vary, depending upon the carrier and your county of residence. All companies returned although deductibles, copays, and coinsurance may change. Listed below are proposed rate changes submitted by Pennsylvania insurers for 2020 plans. The Department of Insurance will determine if these price increases (and decreases) are approved, and subsequently publish their decision. Individual Plans Capital Advantage Assurance Company  3.31% Requested Increase  Individual PPO Capital Advantage Insurance Company CAIC  -2.33% Requested Decrease  PPO IA First Priority Health  -1.76% Requested Decrease  my Lehigh Valley Flex Blue HMO Geisinger Health Plan  8.44% Requested Increase  Geisinger Marketplace HMO and Geisinger Marketplace Value Geisinger Quality Options  7.12% Requested Increase  Geisinger Marketplace HMO and Geisinger Marketplace PPO Highmark Choice Company  -2.21% Requested Decrease  my Direct Blue HMO and my Direct Blue Erie HMO Highmark Inc.  -1.25% Requested Decrease  my Direct Blue EPO and my Direct Blue Conemaugh EPO Independence Blue Cross  9.68% Requested Increase  Personal Choice Exchange PPO, Personal Choice Exchange EPO, Personal Choice OFFX EPO, and Personal Choice OFFX PPO Keystone Health Plan Central  2.84% Requested Increase  HMO QHP Keystone Health Plan East  9.91% Requested...

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Pa Health & Wellness Insurance Plans – Low-Cost Policy Options For All Ages

Ambetter Pa Health & Wellness individual and single healthcare coverage is offered to residents of Bucks, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties that are under age-65. Affordable Bronze, Silver, and Gold-Tier Ambetter plans are available through the Marketplace and can be utilized with a federal subsidy for qualified applicants. Senior Medicare Advantage plans are issued through Allwell to qualified applicants that have reached age 65. Centene Corporation is the parent company, and helps provide managed care, along with Medicaid benefits in Pennsylvania. As a Fortune 500 company, Centene provides diversified services to private and government programs, including Medicare (Special Needs Plans), Medicaid, CHIP, and several others. Marketplace, Medicare Advantage, and Community HealthChoices are three major sources of benefits provided in the Keystone State. Open Enrollment for applicants under age 65 (and not eligible for Medicare benefits) begins November 1 and ends December 15th. The Senior Medicare Open Enrollment period begins October 15th and ends December 7th. However, throughout the calendar year, qualifying life events (QLE) can create additional enrollment opportunities. Health Insurance Marketplace Plans From Ambetter (Under Age 65) Essential Care 1 – $8,150 deductible with 0% coinsurance. Generic drugs not subject to deductible. Copays are $20 and $50 (mail...

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How Healthy Are Pennsylvania Residents Compared To The Rest Of the U.S.?

You live in Pennsylvania, and you think you are very healthy. You eat your vegetables, regularly exercise, and  effectively reduce stress. But how do you and all other Keystone State residents  compare to other states?  Are folks in Pittsburgh healthier than persons in Indianapolis? Is Philadelphia a better place to live than Baltimore. With the help of the United Health Foundation’s research and annual report, we will provide some extremely interesting statistics. Four key components greatly impact health. They are clinical care, community and environment, policy, and behavior.  Statewide and national trends in public health have been studied for more than 25 years by the Foundation. They have correctly observed and predicted  reductions in the number of smokers, along with increases in drug abuse and deaths along with higher incidences of obesity. How does Pennsylvania rate? Overall, the Keystone State ranks as the 28th healthiest state in the US. Shown below, in order, are the Top 20. Hawaii Massachusetts Connecticut Minnesota Vermont New Hampshire Washington Utah New Jersey Colorado North Dakota Nebraska New York Rhode Island Idaho California Iowa Maryland Virginia Wisconsin Tobacco Use Smoking in the US has decreased in the last four years from 21.2% of the population to 17.5%. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death (obesity is second). For the last 50 years,...

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Pennsylvania Health Insurance 2018 Rate Changes – Individual And Group

2018 Pa Health insurance premiums are going up in 2018. How much? Carriers authorized to conduct business in Pennsylvania have submitted their new rates, which will be reviewed by the Department of Insurance (DOI). Individual, family, and group policies charge different rates each year. It is also possible that several plans that were offered in 2017, will be replaced by different options in 2018. Below, we have listed the proposed price changes for ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliant policies. Although the DOI often approves rate change requests, it is possible that the entire increase (or decrease) may not be granted. Participating companies offer increased transparency by publicly requesting price changes. Subsequent  changes throughout the year are also publicly requested. Capital Advantage Assurance Company 9.90% – PPO Individual 11.65% – PPO Small Group 9.53% – PPO PHS Individual 15.90% – PPO PHS Small Group Federated Mutual 13.24% – Small Group First Priority Health 7.39% – my Priority Blue Flex HMO Individual 10.26% – my Lehigh Valley Flex Blue HMO Individual 10.55% – my Priority Blue Flex HMO Individual First Priority Life 5.70% – AffordaBlue Small Group -.98% – Lehigh Valley Flex Blue PPO Small Group 3.38% – Lehigh Valley Flex Blue PPO HDHP Small Group 7.03% – BlueCare Custom PPO Small Group 9.54% – BlueCare QHD PPO Small Group 6.32% – BlueCare PPO Small Group...

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Student Health Insurance Plans In Pennsylvania – Compare Options

Low cost student health insurance coverage in Pennsylvania is very easy to purchase.  We help you find quality plans (both on and off the Marketplace) through all of the major insurers such as Aetna, UnitedHealthCare, UPMC, Coventry Highmark BCBS, Capital BC, Keystone, Independence Blue Cross, Geisinger, and many other providers.  Sometimes, University policies don’t provide the specific benefits that you want, or feature the low rates that you need to fit within your budget. We show you flexible policies that keep rates affordable, but also give you top-notch coverage that you can use almost everywhere. All policy options are Affordable Care Act-compliant and contain all required essential health benefits (required by Obamacare legislation) including maternity, mental health, prescriptions, ER, office visits, hospital and many others. You can accept a federal subsidy (if available), or choose a private policy that receives no federal aid. Provider Networks are often larger when you purchase your own policy. A wide variety of specialists are generally available for specific treatment. If traveling outside of the Keystone State, major medical, preventative, and routine medical expenses can be covered. Emergency treatment away from home is also covered, including the ER and Urgent Care facilities. Note: Several of the previously-mentioned carriers offer small and large group...

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Highmark BCBS Pa Health Savings Blue PPO HSA Plans

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield provides comprehensive qualified high deductible plans in Western Pennsylvania. As “HSA-friendly” plans, the PPO 1700 and PPO Embedded 2700 can be used in conjunction with a Health Savings Account.  Health Savings Blue is a perfect Marketplace fit for the self employed, families or individuals that want quality coverage at a reasonable price. Both options are available with or without federal financial aid. As a guaranteed-issue Exchange policy, applying for coverage only requires a simple five-minute application to be completed, and a face-to-face meeting is not necessary. Coverage is offered in the selected counties of Western Pa during Open Enrollment periods. However, you can also qualify for a Special Enrollment Period that may allow you to apply for a policy at any time throughout the year. The Health Savings Blue PPO 1700 and Embedded 2700 plans are available in the following counties: Allegheny, Beaver, Bedford, Blair, Butler, Cambria, Erie, McKean, Somerset, Venanago, Washington, and Westmoreland. How Does It Work? An HSA is one of the best tools available to help pay for future medical, dental, and vision expenses, and get a tax deduction at the same time! Premiums are usually lower than a”comprehensive” plan, and you have more control over your treatment than ever before. If you change companies (For example, Highmark to UPMC, or...

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Compare COBRA Benefits And Health Insurance Coverage Options In Pa

COBRA  is available in Pennsylvania if you are employed at a business that has more than 20 full-time employees and you recently lost your job.  If  your company has less than 20 workers, you may not be eligible for benefits and will have to seek separate coverage for yourself and any additional family member. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, along with state and federal legislation, is designed to help you find affordable Pa health insurance. However, there are affordable alternatives that will provide medical coverage until you secure another policy through an employer or become eligible for Medicare. Enrolling for a federal Marketplace policy (discussed below) and applying for private coverage are available.  Some of your options are also provided under the Continuation Health law. How Cobra Works Since 1986, under certain conditions, terminated employees may purchase health insurance coverage without any medical underwriting. No physicals or health-related questions are needed, and no waiting periods or special exclusions will be imposed. Coverage is guaranteed, and the premiums charged will be the same (plus 2%) the employer pays to provide the same benefits to current employees. Your spouse and dependents can also take advantage of the offer. To obtain benefits, a “qualifying event” must have taken place, and to apply for coverage, you must be the...

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