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Pa health insurance plans will cost more in 2020 than in previous years. Increases widely vary, depending upon the carrier and your county of residence. All companies returned although deductibles, copays, and coinsurance may change.

Listed below are proposed rate changes submitted by Pennsylvania insurers for 2020 plans. The Department of Insurance will determine if these price increases (and decreases) are approved, and subsequently publish their decision.

Individual Plans

Capital Advantage Assurance Company  3.31% Requested Increase  Individual PPO

Capital Advantage Insurance Company CAIC  -2.33% Requested Decrease  PPO IA

First Priority Health  -1.76% Requested Decrease  my Lehigh Valley Flex Blue HMO

Geisinger Health Plan  8.44% Requested Increase  Geisinger Marketplace HMO and Geisinger Marketplace Value

Geisinger Quality Options  7.12% Requested Increase  Geisinger Marketplace HMO and Geisinger Marketplace PPO

Highmark Choice Company  -2.21% Requested Decrease  my Direct Blue HMO and my Direct Blue Erie HMO

Highmark Inc.  -1.25% Requested Decrease  my Direct Blue EPO and my Direct Blue Conemaugh EPO

Independence Blue Cross  9.68% Requested Increase  Personal Choice Exchange PPO, Personal Choice Exchange EPO, Personal Choice OFFX EPO, and Personal Choice OFFX PPO

Keystone Health Plan Central  2.84% Requested Increase  HMO QHP

Keystone Health Plan East  9.91% Requested Increase  Keystone HMO Exchange and KHPE OFFX

Pennsylvania Health And Wellness Inc.  -1.50% Requested Decrease  Ambetter

UPMC Health Coverage Inc.  -1.76% Requested Decrease  Off Marketplace

UPMC Health Options Inc.  -1.71% Requested Decrease  Marketplace Individual PPO and Marketplace Individual EPO.

The rate review process provides the public an opportunity to view price changes before  Pa medical plans are offered.

Small Group Plans

Aetna – 11.59% Requested Increase Aetna HMO

Aetna HealthAssurance – 10.68% Requested Increase Aetna EPO

Aetna Life Insurance – 10.65% Requested Increase Aetna EPO

Capital Advantage Assurance Company – 13.19% Requested Increase Capital Advantage EPO

Capital Advantage Assurance Company CAIC – 14.45% Requested Increase Capital Advantage PPO SG

First Priority Life Insurance Company – .24% Requested Increase BlueCare PPO, BlueCare QHD PPO, BlueCare Custom PPO, and AffordaBlue.

Geisinger Health Plan – 15.75% Requested Increase Geisinger Marketplace HMO and Geisinger Marketplace QHDHP POS.

Geisinger Quality Options – 17.84% Requested Increase Geisinger Marketplace PPO.

Highmark Benefits  Group Inc. – 3.60% Requested Increase Premier Balance PPO, High Deductible PPO, Health Savings PPO Embedded, Lehigh Valley Flex Blue PPO, Balance PPO, Health Savings PPO, Flex PPO, and Choice Blue PPO (HDHP).

Highmark Choice Company – 4.89% Requested Increase Keystone HMO (Erie).

Highmark Coverage Advantage – .77% Requested Decrease Premier Balance PPO, Balance PPO, Health Savings PPO, and Health Savings PPO Embedded.

Highmark Health Insurance Company – 1.50% Requested Decrease Shared Cost PPO and Health Savings PPO.

Highmark Inc. – 6.49% Requested Increase Shared Cost PPO a Community Blue Plan, Premier Balance PPO a Community Blue Plan, Connect Blue EPO, Health Savings EPO Embedded, Balance PPO a Community Blue Plan, and Health Savings PPO a Community Blue Plan.

Independence Blue Cross (QCC Ins.) – 11.88% Requested Increase Personal Choice and Personal Choice EPO Small Group.

Keystone Health Plan Central – 9.23% Requested Increase HMO.

Keystone Health Plan East – 9.97% Requested Increase Keystone HMO and Keystone DPOS.

UnitedHealthcare – 7.14% Requested Increase Choice Plus and Choice.

UPMC Health Benefits – 10.94% Requested Increase Small Group PPO and Small Group EPO.

UPMC Health Coverage – 12.01% Requested Increase Marketplace Shop HMO.

UPMC Health Options – 10.58% Requested Increase Marketplace Shop PPO and Marketplace Shop EPO.