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The PersonalBlue Saver PPO is a new low cost individual Pa health insurance plan from Capital Blue Cross. Central Pennsylvania individuals and families can now purchase quality medical benefits  at an affordable rate. Premiums are lower than the PersonalBlue PPO plan, allowing more individuals and families to fit the Saver plan within their budget. Although premiums are discounted, the policy features rich benefits and still utilizes discounts from Blue Cross Network providers.

We help you compare different plan options from the top companies in the area (including Geisinger, Aetna, and Highmark) so you can make an informed decision regarding which policy best meets your needs in the most economical way. The quotes you receive from this website are always free and unbiased. This specific policy has been designed for the Lehigh Valley and nearby residents.

Several of the largest areas in the Lehigh Valley include Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Emmaus, Northampton, Palmer Township, Salisbury Township, and Whitehall Township. Located in the Great Appalachian Valley and Pennsylvania Dutch Country, healthcare prices are typically very competitive, when compared to bigger areas, such as Harrisburg, Philadelphia, or Pittsburgh.

Medical Coverage For Only A Few Months

However, if you only need coverage for less than six months, the short-term plan information can be found here.  Coverage on that type of policy can be approved within 24 hours and is designed to be a stopgap option. Guaranteed approval contracts are also available for persons that would otherwise be denied when applying for coverage. These cost-cutting options don’t always contain benefits that might be found in other options. So before enrollment, it’s always  best to consult us.

Four Deductible Options

This new plan offers four deductible options ($750, $1,500 ,2,500 and $5,000), low monthly premiums,  and a 20% coinsurance (capped at $1,500 or $2,500). There is no maximum annual or lifetime limit on major medical claims that may be paid. Emergency Room and Urgent Care visits are subject to $300 and $100 payments respectfully. Lab tests, X-rays and the usual in-hospital and outpatient benefits are covered.

With no cap on lifetime benefits, you’re always protected regardless of whether your medical bills are $2,000 or $2 million.Also, inpatient hospital stays do not have to meet a deductible (a copay applies) which is a very nice feature. Many other similar options from other carriers do not have this option.

Six visits are permitted per covered person (per benefit period) and this is higher than a similar plan offered by UnitedHealthOne (Saver Plan).  The copays are $40 for regular office visits and $50 for specialist visits and a referral is not required.  Many “discounted” policies limit the number of covered office visits to only two or three, so this plan does very well in that category. However, adult annual physicals and well-baby visits have no out of pocket expense. Many other types of preventive visits are also included in the plan and are covered at 100%.

Additional Features

One of the reasons this policy features discounted rates is the prescription coverage. Generic RX is included with a $15 copay. Of course, most generic prescriptions cost between $4 and $15, so you won’t utilize this part of the policy very often. Non-generic, brand and non-formulary prescriptions are simply not covered. Of course, on other Capital BC plans, such as the regular PersonalBlue policy, you do have that benefit. But  the cost is higher. We can help you determine which policy will be the best fit.


PersonalBlue Saver rates are cheap. For example, for a 35 year-old male (Dauphin County), the monthly rate for the $2,500 deductible is only $81. The $750 deductible rate is $113. Family rates, of course, are significantly higher. After comparing many prices, this plan is an affordable option if you are considering Central Pa health insurance coverage. It’s an inexpensive way to secure benefits that are similar to employer-provided plans. Billing is usually monthly and you can easily cancel benefits at any time.

Some of the standard exclusions apply, such as mental health expenses and substance abuse rehab and detoxification. And you must reside in one of the counties in the service area which consists of Union and Columbia counties in the Central part of the state all the way down to Adams county on the state line. Harrisburg is in the center of the coverage map. Berks and Lehigh counties are also part of the Network although the counties due East are part of the Keystone (Independence Blue Cross) service area. A complete map with county Network affiliations is available upon request. There are more than 10,000 providers so we may have to email, rather than send you a list!

You can browse our site for additional information regarding prices of plans, updated benefits or Pa Exchange information. The PersonalBlue Saver policy continues to be a highly-recommended medical option for our state residents.

UPDATE:  The PersonalBlue Saver plan is no longer offered in the Cap BC portfolio. When State and Federal Marketplaces were created in 2013, for use beginning in 2014, newly issued plans had to meet strict mandated requirements by including  specific named coverages.

However, if you own this plan, or any “grandfathered” contract, you may continue to keep the policy, unless you receive written notice from the carrier that it will be terminated.