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Healthcare Navigators In Pennsylvania May Help With Obamacare

More than one million Pennsylvania residents don’t have health insurance. That’s about to change in the upcoming months with Open Enrollment in October that will allow individuals, families and small businesses to purchase affordable medical coverage. Our website, along with other brokers and...

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Medicaid Expansion In Pa Seems Unlikely

Expansion of Medicaid in Pennsylvania will have to wait. The State Senate has adjourned for the summer,  after narrowly missing passing a bill that would have provided virtually free health insurance coverage to hundreds of thousands of needy persons. Typically, the federal government pays the...

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How Safe Is Your Insurance Company? View A.M. Best Ratings

How safe are health insurance companies in Pennsylvania? Perhaps the most respected and authoritative resource is A.M. Best Company, which has been rating the financial safety and strength of insurers since 1899. Not only do they provide an unbiased snapshot and opinion of large and small...

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