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Picking the right health insurance in Pennsylvania is not an easy task. What type of policy is best? What company provides the most medical benefits for the least cost? Where do I buy the plan? Does it make a difference? So many choices. We have the answers that will help and the tips that will save you time and money.

Our website was created with two goals. First, we wanted to provide the most accurate and current  information regarding a wide range of topics including rate information, policies, healthcare reform information, applying for coverage, pre-existing conditions and many more. Second, we wanted to give you the ability to easily apply for a Pennsylvania health insurance policy and pay the absolute lowest rate that every company offered. And that’s exactly what we have done.

We also will help you with any enrollment forms that are needed to apply for coverage and any tax benefits that will reduce your prices through an Exchange. If you qualify for a federal or state subsidy, you may need assistance calculating the monthly tax credit you should receive, and determining which plans can best take advantage of the lower premiums. If you are not eligible for state or federal financial assistance, several low-cost, high-benefit options remain available.

Help With Picking A Plan

Of course, the “choosing the right plan” part may be the most important step in the process. After you’re presented with all of the  options, now what do you do? We use our 34 years of experience to guide and recommend the right plan. If your main concern is minimizing potential out of pocket costs, we’ll find the policies with the lowest deductibles and copays. If you’re willing to take on a little bit of risk, a plan with a high deductible on hospital-type claims will save you a substantial amount of money. If you are applying for an Exchange plan, we’ll make it simple to apply.

Choosing the maximum monthly premium you are willing to pay should be one of the first things you decide. By developing an effective budget, you’ll drastically reduce the number of available plans, and make the process of picking the best policy much easier. For example, if you wanted to keep your monthly premium below $400, instead of comparing 150 plans, approximately 10-15 choices might be in that price range. That’s a lot easier to compare isn’t it? And after asking a few questions, we can select the 3-5 options that are best for you. For example, a “Silver” tier plan may be more appropriate than a “Platinum” tier option.

Now that you have decided on the premium, what type of Pennsylvania medical coverage would you want? A plan that covers office visits with low copay or simply a basic high deductible plan that provides catastrophic benefits? We  review with you the advantages (and disadvantages) of each option, and research which providers would be the best choice.

It might be a Highmark or UPMC plan if you live in the Pittsburgh area, a Geisinger plan if you live in Harrisburg, or possibly a Keystone Health Plan East or Aetna policy if you live in Southeastern Pennsylvania. And of course,  UnitedHealthcare may provide the best combination of rate and coverage, depending upon where you reside.

Time To Enroll

Essentially, that’s what we do best. We help you choose the right health insurance plan by listening to you and understanding the type of  policy you want and the premium you want to pay. Then, we find those policies and help you pick out the policy that fits best. And finally, we simplify the application process so it’s quick and takes as little time as possible. Years ago, it often took 60-90 minutes to complete the enrollment process. Now, with improved software and streamlined Exchange options, it often takes less than 15 minutes.

Small business and dental or vision benefits are also available. If you’re unsure if your doctor participates in a Network, we’ll look it up for you. If you need help with understanding the Pa Marketplace and what options you have, let us know. And if you need expert guidance without paying a fee, you have come to the right website.

So browse the website, enjoy the content and view your free quotes. We’ll be available if you need any type of assistance when comparing or applying for your policy.