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The cheapest private health insurance in Pennsylvania offers affordable medical coverage to persons that are self employed or not covered under an employer-provided policy. We shop a wide variety of policies to suit your single, family or small-company. If you are currently covered and are not satisfied with what you pay, or your current benefits, we can help customize a solution.

We proudly represent the major healthcare providers in the state and offer policies at the lowest published rates. And you never pay any fees and have access to our free service 24 hours per day. As one of the biggest personal online medical plan resources in Pa, we don’t just find the cheapest prices for you. We help you enroll in less than 10 minutes.

If you are eligible for an instant Obamacare tax credit, it will be immediately applied to reduce your premium. If you are eligible for Medicare or Medicaid, we will show you which options best cover your healthcare needs, and review the companies that offer those plans. Seniors can compare Advantage, Supplement, and Part D prescription drug plans from multiple companies. When you reach age 65 and enroll in Medicare Parts A and B, you may be eligible for several Medigap options.

Instantaneously, you can research and find the most affordable medical coverage in Pennsylvania. Policies for students, individuals, families, the self employed, the uninsured or anyone on Cobra are available.  Whether you live in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, Scranton, Allentown or any other part of the state, you can compare or apply online for private coverage  at the top of the page.

What Type Of  “Cheap” Plans Are Available?

A temporary contract (also discussed later) is the least expensive type of benefit. It’s designed to provide quick catastrophic coverage that you can use until you secure a more permanent option. If you need treatment for a common cold, you’ll have to pay for it. If you are treated for a major sickness, illness or accident, you’re in luck. (From a coverage standpoint that is!) Of course, there are many other choices that can be kept until age 65.

“Short-term” policies, while very inexpensive and flexible, also are not Affordable Care Act-compliant. Although they are issued by highly-respected companies such as Capital Blue Cross and UnitedHealthcare, pre-existing conditions are not guaranteed to be covered, and you can not use a federal subsidy to help offset any of the premium.

How We Shop

We investigate hundreds of available policies for you, your spouse and your children, to attempt to condense your choices and make it easier to find the policy that allows you to pick the benefits that aid you the most. We understand that comparing and shopping for the best policy is about as much fun as going to the dentist. With a new streamlined enrollment process, you can complete the application process in 20 minutes instead of 60-90 minutes. Online or phone enrollment has replaced face-to-face enrollment.

When Obamacare became the law, suddenly, terms such as “Marketplace” and “Exchange” became popular when describing your medical coverage choices. Federal subsidies, tax-credits and Open Enrollments now had to be taken into consideration when choosing your coverage. Medical underwriting was no longer practiced, instead, replaced by “Guarantee-Issue” plans.

We simplify the entire research, shopping, and comparison process, so you understand what policies are available, which plans fit within your budgetary needs, and how much out-of-pocket cost you might have to pay. The result? Affordable coverage with surprisingly comprehensive benefits. And by customizing  your benefits to match your financial and medical needs, you are able to choose  the most appropriate company and policy. Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers suddenly were created. And a “catastrophic” tier became available for applicants under age 30, that preferred only major medical benefits.

Enrollment /Application Process

The latest state-of-the-art software allows you to quickly choose the type of coverage you need and select when you want the policy to be effective. After a few minutes, you can review the specifics of the best available plans and apply online. Physicals are typically not needed and the application process usually takes only 15-30 minutes.  But just as importantly, you can speak to the same person (live) multiple times, to assist you in the comparison and application process. Or, you can simply handle the process yourself with an easy online link.

NOTE: It is a legislative requirement that brokers, navigators, or any licensed agents show you ALL available plans. Despite many policies featuring exorbitantly high premiums, you must have access to their benefits and cost. However, often we utilize a “compare” link, which highlights the specific plans that represent the most cost-effective choices for your specific needs. Also, many counties do not have more than one available carrier for Under-65 Marketplace plans. Thus, the number of offered plans will be limited.

For example, the Philadelphia area is served by Independence Blue Cross with no other options. In the Pittsburgh area, UPMC and Highmark BCBS are the only available choices for private coverage for applicants under age 65. Seniors, however, can choose from many carriers for Supplement, Advantage, or Part D prescription drug coverage. Cigna, Aetna, Humana, and other large carriers offer a variety of products to Medicare-eligible applicants, although they don’t offer private plans in the under-65 market.

Non-Compliant Temporary Health Plans

Pennsylvania short-term health insurance plans are the most affordable type of coverage. Premiums are substantially lower than comprehensive PPO or HMO policies and policies are typically approved within 24-48 hours. Short-term plans are most appropriate for graduating students, the unemployed, the uninsured, persons on Cobra or persons waiting to become eligible for Medicare. If you miss the Open-Enrollment deadline, and don’t qualify for an exception, these plans are often your best option.

Policies can be purchased for up to 12 months. Typically, you are issued four concurrent three-month policies. Only the initial application is underwritten. Thus, if your health changes, you can still retain coverage for up to one year. However, each new quarterly policy is subject to new deductibles and maximum out-of-pocket expense limits. And the rate can increase.

When State Exchanges (part of “The Affordable Care Act”) began Open Enrollment in October of 2014 (You continue to apply through our website), several plans were eliminated. Also, as previously mentioned, you started to receive (if eligible) financial assistance in the form of federal tax credits to help you pay your premium. However, short-term coverage is not eligible for any state or federal subsidies.

HSA Plans For Your Medical Coverage

Individual Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are growing in popularity in Pennsylvania. This type of private coverage features substantial premium savings, tax-savings, preventive benefits that are covered with little or no out-of-pocket expense and possible 0% coinsurance after the deductible. An HSA works with a “high deductible” health insurance policy and all of your contributions into the HSA are tax-deductible. These contributions can be used to pay qualified medical dental and vision expenses or simply help you budget to pay for a future deductible.

Personal HSA  rates are very low compared to most group plans. We highly encourage you to consider this type of policy. Of course, we’ll help with the research to determine which company has the best offer for you. Often, Blue Cross (Blue Shield), Aetna, and UnitedHealthcare offer solid rates.

We Shop And You Save!

You can save money on your private medical plan if you live in Pennsylvania. By utilizing our service and expertise, we’re confident you’ll be able to compare the cheapest plans side-by-side and easily purchase the coverage you need. Let us shop, explain, and compare plans for you, and you’ll save money.