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You can buy affordable personal healthcare in Pennsylvania. If you don’t have benefits through your employer, then you probably pay for your own medical insurance policy. We help you find quality private coverage that is easy on your  budget, but still gives you all of the benefits that a comprehensive group plan would offer. Quick quotes are available by using the section at the top of the page.

Within minutes, you can view low-cost options that save money, and pay for expected and surprise expenses and procedures. These are the best Pa plans that the top carriers offer. They are all portable (you can keep them as long as you want regardless of your job situation) and you can not be canceled because of a pre-existing condition, height and weight, or if you are not presently insured.

Customization Of Benefits

Often,  you should consider a customized policy, that will cover specific benefits that you are most likely to use. Whether it’s a costly brand-name prescription, semi-annual procedure, or kidney dialysis, there’s a policy that closely matches your own personal health profile.

For example, You may not need a $20 copay on visits to specialists, especially if you rarely utilize this coverage. A $65 copay may be much more cost-effective.  By simply tweaking or eliminating this copay, (or placing a deductible on the benefit) the savings could easily be hundreds of dollars per year for every person listed on the policy. There are also many additional items that can also be reviewed for possible savings, including maximum out-of-pocket expenses, whether brand drugs need to meet a deductible or additional coinsurance, and HSA-eligibility.

When you have your own personal healthcare coverage, you have complete control over how long you wish to keep the policy, the type of plan you prefer, and what benefits to select for yourself or your family. For example, if you prefer a high-deductible plan with prescription coverage, there are multiple options.

Or, if minimizing your out of pocket costs because of an impending pregnancy, and having a low deductible is a priority, usually, there are a few companies that provide that combination. Often Keystone, Geisinger, Aetna, or Highmark will be the best choices in those types of situations. NOTE: Maternity is one of 10  “essential health benefits” required on all Marketplace policies.

Private Vs. Group

Individual (Private) options often cost much less than an employer-sponsored plan. Some of the reasons include: availability of federal subsidies, higher coinsurance and deductibles, and less medical risk with a single family. Also, Pennsylvania private healthcare generally is less expensive than medical care in many neighboring states such as New Jersey and New York.

An important change for 2014 was the implementation of the  State Health Exchange and requiring all residents to buy coverage or face a tax penalty. For 2016, the maximum penalty is 2.5% of your household adjusted gross income (AGI). Although many additional mandated coverages have been added to policies, depending on your income, prices will continue to rise. The government subsidy will help pay premiums, if your income meets Federal Poverty Level guidelines.

Cost Of Single Or Family Coverage

Individual plans often cost less than $100 per month, and many family plans are available for monthly rates between $250 and $400. If you need maternity benefits, a separate rider is no longer needed. Of course, your age and whether you smoke will always be a factor when determining the price. But your overall health will no longer factor in rating or price.

Individual plans (more information here) also offer a wide variety of coverage options. Unlike some group options, you can easily obtain catastrophic, comprehensive or HSA coverages. In some counties, a few companies will have substantially lower premiums, so it’s important to use an experienced broker to help you find the best plan.

For example, in parts of the central part of the state (Dauphin, Lebanon, Lancaster & Cumberland Counties), Geisinger or Capital Blue Cross may have much more competitive rates than other carriers. Yet, travel a few counties in either direction,  and another company may be a better carrier, such as Northeastern Blue Cross or Aetna.

How You Enroll

We have become a popular choice for comparing individual Pennsylvania health insurance plans. You can apply online or direct for the most reputable policies that the market offers. And since premiums are regulated by the Department Of Insurance you will not find a lower rate anywhere! We’ll take the time to explain the difference between policies in terms that you’ll understand.

The process of enrolling typically takes about 10 minutes for an individual, and 20-25 minutes for an entire family. Your federal financial aid is instantly calculated and immediately applied to your premium.

We don’t want you to just take our word regarding which plan is best for you. It’s important that you understand why some plans are better than others and how it affects you. There are many variables including potential large out of pocket costs in specific situations. Of course, we want to eliminate those scenarios.

We have devised this website to give you original unbiased advice and direction so you can pay the lowest possible premium on your personal policy. If you need help (and you probably will!), call us at (888) 513 6446 or “contact us” through the link on the right side of the page.