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Medical benefit changes are coming to Pennsylvania. But unless you’re uninsured, you may not see this change until 2013…and perhaps not at all. If President Obama signs and passes an overhaul this fall, some tangible changes may be noticed in about three or four years. But it is still possible that legislation will not be enacted. Most Republicans and a growing number of Democrats do not want government-run healthcare. But that may not matter.

But if the proposed legislation passes, consumers will be waiting a while to see the results. It may take a few years to implement new regulations, and determine if “Marketplaces” will be run by states or the federal government.

Reading And Understanding “The Affordable Care Act”

One reason the bill  may not pass is simply most Americans disapprove of the way the process has been handled. The proposed house legislation would outlaw Pa private health insurance in its present form. Most consumers are not aware of that. But don’t feel bad. The President wasn’t aware of it either! 

In his defense, It would have taken anybody about 6-9 months to read, study and understand the legislation in its entirety. There are many exceptions to rules, and entire sections that are subject to interpretation in many ways.

So what will ultimately change? Based on my 29 years of experience as an independent broker, I believe that insurance will be mandated (required) and ultimately, companies like Aetna, Keystone and Highmark, will offer coverage to all persons, regardless of medical history.However, there may still be “risk pools” that are able to offer coverage to individuals and families that are either unable to afford or can not qualify for a policy.

But I also believe that the government will leave individual states to largely determine and shape the future of its residents. Rates will stabilize and tax incentives will help offset some of the cost.  The incentives will be in the form of instant tax-credits, which will be largely determined on the amount of money each household earns. Although this will be a short-term solution, it still will not solve the problems we face in the future.


Wow! A lot has changed since I wrote this blog post in July of 2009. Reform was indeed passed by the Obama Administration (Affordable Health Care Act). And some positive changes have occurred such as 100% preventive benefits now included on most policies.

The Supreme Court will have its say in about three months when they determine the legality of requiring Americans to purchase medical insurance. Stay tuned!

Tomorrow is the day!

First of all. Trick or treat! No trick in June as the Supreme Court ruled the mandate legal. What does that mean to you? Not much right now. In 2014, your choices will be limited  as Exchanges begin to operate. You can check our blog and website for the most current information regarding buying or changing your Pa medical plans.

The Pa Exchange (Marketplace) is going to be ready in October for Open Enrollment. Yes, you can get rates and apply through this website). Despite the many scandals in the White House right now, Obamacare seems safe.

The second Open Enrollment begins on November 1st for 2016 coverage. Surviving a summer Supreme Court challenge, Obamacare continues, although rates continue to climb.