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You currently live here in Pennsylvania and need health insurance benefits. Regardless if you are presently covered, or have been without a policy for many years, you are not looking forward to viewing, analyzing, and trying to understand the difference between hundreds of plans. Copays. Deductibles. Coinsurance. Subsidies. Maximum out-of-pocket expenses. On or off the Marketplace? Where do you begin?

It’s easy! OK.  We simplify the process for you by explaining in easy-to-understand language and terminology,  which plans are the most efficient and practical, based on your budget and medical condition needs. And, of course, we calculate and review the federal tax credit that may possibly reduce your rate. We determine your eligibility, and show you how much savings you will receive.

Online Enrollment Is Easy!

Online Pennsylvania health insurance quotes give you information about how much a policy costs, what benefits are provided, and how to apply to get coverage. We help you decipher the maze of hundreds of policies for single persons or families and make it easy to make the right decision regarding which option is your best choice. Since we are independent, and not captive, we shop multiple insurers, and give you the time and attention needed to secure the lowest personal prices.

If the carrier is licensed and approved to offer plans in the Keystone State, we will research and review all of their plans. NOTE: Not all companies or policies qualify for federal subsidies. We will specifically indicate which policies and/or carriers are ineligible for the Obamacare instant tax-credit. 

On-Marketplace And Off-Marketplace Policies Are Available

The Pa Health Insurance Exchange (via our website) is where you compare available plans and enroll for coverage. Applying takes about 15-25 minutes. No physicals are required and you won’t be denied benefits because of adverse medical conditions. If you are eligible for financial assistance, an “on-Marketplace” plan is the correct choice. Otherwise, an “off-Marketplace” plan should be utilized.

An experienced broker is perhaps more needed now than ever before. Calculating your subsidy (using the Federal Poverty Level ratio) and analyzing your projected medical expenses are two additional tasks that need to be performed before you apply for a policy. That’s one of the free services our website offers to Keystone residents.

There are many resources on the internet that provide online rates. We are a consumer-friendly site that saves you time and money without sacrificing any important benefits. If you need help with dental, vision or other ancillary  products, we will show you the top-rated choices for each type of coverage. Many carriers offer riders to add these types of benefits, and often the price is discounted.

Not All Coverage Has To Be With One Company

Often, it may be best to split your total package between more than one carrier. Individual Pa health rates, quite simply, are our specialty. If one member of the family has a chronic illness that requires expensive non-generic prescriptions, a separate policy should be considered, that reduces the out of pocket medication costs. The impact of meeting multiple deductibles, and subsidy-eligibility must always be considered.

For example, if a dependent covered on a family policy is treated with expensive non-generic medications, and requires specialized out-of-area care, in some situations, issuing a separate subsidized plan that includes needed network-providers may save a large amount of out-of-pocket costs. Each situation is unique, so we would thoroughly review all available options.

Only The Best Companies!

We eliminate “bad” options and select only high-quality companies and make the shopping process simple. By helping you learn about different medical coverage, you will save money. After you provide your zip code, you will be asked some basic questions. Moments later, you are finished. And all of the recommendations we provide are yours to keep and refer to at any time.

As independent Pennsylvania health insurance brokers, we are able to offer direct rates from all  of the most reputable carriers, and not just one or two. For example, if you reside in Allegheny or Westmoreland county, we can choose between local options such as Highmark and UPMC along with statewide companies such as UnitedHealthOne and Aetna.

Or, if you live near the New Jersey border, we’ll strongly consider Independence Blue Cross/Keystone individual and group policies. Although  UnitedHealthcare or Coventry (Aetna) may also offer competitive pricing, in some situations, they may not be able to match the comprehensive IBX provider network.

More Than Free Emailed Quotes

But we don’t just find quality plans and email them to you. We know and understand the benefits and out-of-pocket costs that are likely to impact your decision. Not all plans will provide the benefits and price you want. But if that policy is offered, we will find it. You can also do all of the quoting, enrolling, and applying yourself. We understand that many consumers prefer that method.

We are experienced Pa brokers for affordable personal and family  plans and quotes. You can research, compare and apply for the very best  medical  plans. We value your privacy and take extreme caution to maintain a secure website. If you own a small business, there may be a low-cost plan that saves you and your employees money. If you employ more than 50 workers, you are  required to offer coverage.

If you only need a plan for a few months, then click here.  Temporary benefits are affordable, and provide a bridge that effectively covers a gap in coverage. You won’t be able to get “Cadillac” policies, but you can effectively protect your assets in case there is a large claim.

Most Modern Online Quote Engine

A state-of-the-art quoting system is used, allowing consumers to easily and quickly find the most affordable Pa  plans, but still receive personalized service from a broker with more than 35 years of experience. During the quoting process, we are happy to help you find the best policies that give you the coverage you want and with plenty of network providers.

Providing affordable options to individuals, families and businesses requires expertise and experience. Sometimes it may be a bit overwhelming trying to decipher terms and compare plans that seemingly look alike. We are always willing to help and are only a phone call or email away. And the best rates are only a click away.