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Get free Pennsylvania health insurance quotes online for single persons, families, the self-employed, and small or large businesses in Pa. Our website is designed to help you find affordable medical coverage that you can easily apply for. Explore rates as low as $50 per month with easy enrollment. The best policies at the lowest prices are only a click away. If you are currently not covered, select major medical or comprehensive benefits from reputable carriers.

We guide you through the entire comparison and purchase process so that you always pay the lowest available rates from every health insurer in the state. Both subsidized Marketplace and non-subsidized policies are offered. Lower-income households may be eligible for Medicaid or CHIP benefits. Seniors can view Medigap plans from different companies, including Part D prescription drug policies.

These plans may be ideal if your employer does not offer benefits at a cost you can afford, or you are not presently covered. Whether you’re a student that needs cheap quality coverage, or a growing family with maternity and other needs, we review hundreds of plans from every major carrier so you can view the best available options. The quotes are free, and without cost or obligation.

Top Pa Companies

We are  the state’s respected source for providing free competitive quotes from all top-rated carriers. The  best companies are represented, including Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, HealthAmerica, Highmark Blue Cross, UPMC, Coventry, Capital Blue Cross, Independence Blue Cross, Keystone Health Plan, Geisinger and Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

If you are not satisfied with your existing plan, or your premiums are higher than you can afford, we can help. Even if you forgot to sign up for coverage during Open Enrollment, alternatives are available. Our Pa Obamacare Information Guide is free and may help you understand terms and conditions.

Supplemental, short-term, and ancillary (dental, life, disability, and vision) products may utilize companies not previously mentioned. Since the Affordable Care Act mandated guidelines do not apply, alternative carriers often feature the most cost-effective plans and much simpler underwriting guidelines. Occasionally, carriers may offer both Marketplace and separate non-qualified plans.

Buy Or Enroll In Minutes

Prices are presented in less than three minutes, allowing consumers or sole proprietors to easily compare different plan choices, either online or by phone. If you wish to purchase coverage, we’ll help you apply directly or with the free help of an experienced independent broker. You will have an option to buy policies inside or outside of the Pa Exchange. There are noticeable differences in coverage and cost, and also which persons will benefit the greatest. We do not encourage or market “limited benefit” contracts, that often feature large out-of-pocket costs and gaps in coverage.

Companies in Pennsylvania offer hundreds of different plan options, and it is critical for an experienced broker to study all of the available quotes, and present the best choices to the consumer. We believe it is important to provide prices from all available companies, but equally important to understand your specific needs and make a recommendation based on your unique situation.

Finding affordable individual or family coverage that provides benefits you can use, is our ultimate goal. If remaining with your existing carrier is your best option, we’ll tell you. If you are eligible for any type of low income assistance or “Open Enrollment” options, we’ll tell you how you apply. If you are eligible for Medicare or Medicaid, we’ll help you find the best choices.

View And Compare In Seconds

Our unique state-of-the-art software allows you to easily view hundreds of plans from Pennsylvania  providers. If necessary, you can apply online for short-term coverage to take effect the next day (A few carriers may require effective dates of the 1st or 15th). You will never see any “limited plans” shown and all of the companies we represent must meet our rigorous standards. Instant quotes can also be provided.

When purchasing official Marketplace plans, you must be shown all available options (it’s the law!), even though only several policies may match your budget and benefit needs. Therefore, we create a customized link that makes it easy to compare the specific plans that provide the most value and benefits for your unique needs.

We Can’t Always Help

There also may be situations where we simply can not help. For example, if you are currently being treated for cancer, diabetes or heart disease, there may not be a simple affordable solution for you outside of the Open Enrollment period. However, we will work with you to find the best resource that can help, and hopefully offer you a policy that is acceptable. In many cases, a “guaranteed issue” policy may be advisable.

This type of policy is usually approved very quickly without asking any (or very few) medical questions. But the rate may be fairly high and pre-existing conditions may not be immediately covered. However, when the next OE period begins, you can quickly get covered, and immediately receive treatment on any new or existing medical condition.

In 2014, additional plans became available due to changes in “The Affordable Care Act.” We always research and present them to you and calculate what level of federal subsidy you can receive and what impact it will have on policies you are eligible for.


Whether you are working, without medical insurance, paying too much on existing coverage or just shopping for a lower rate, affordable Pa health insurance information and quotes are just a click away. You can easily save 20%-35% on your premiums and you’ll save time and money.