Pa health insurance companies offer a wide range of coverage. We teach you about these carriers, their prices, and provide a free guide and information so you can easily learn about different options before applying through the Exchange for a policy. No "discount" plans are ever used. Also, if a contract is not rated by A.M. Best Company, we will not offer coverage from them. When you view quotes on our website, you'll be able to easily compare rates and benefits from the best plans in the state.

Some of the companies we represent include Highmark, Keystone, Aetna, UPMC, UnitedHealthcare, Capital Blue Cross, Independence Blue Cross, Geisinger, Ambetter, and Humana. We also provide rates, reviews, and information on companies that specialize in Senior Medigap, Medicare Supplement, and Advantage options. Part D prescription plans are offered for Seniors that need drug benefits.



Coventry Health Care is an Aetna subsidiary, who is a diversified national managed health care company based in Bethesda, Maryland. Their business partially consists of managing health plans, insurance companies, and rental and workers' compensation services companies. They were founded in 1986, and currently do not offer single or family on or off-Marketplace plans. HealthAmericaOne and AltiusOne offer coverage through Coventry.

First Health Network Solutions offers PPO network options that help reduce customer out-of-pocket costs. As a directly-contracted PPO, remote pricing, and electronic submission help improve quality and the claims-submission process. Behavioral Health through the "Total Behavioral Solution" is popular with employers and public programs. Advantra HMO Medicare Advantage plans are popular Senior products.



Aetna is one of the largest US health insurance companies. They were founded in 1850 and provide coverage in all 50 states. Aetna was ranked number 2 in the healthcare category in Fortune Magazine's "Most Admired Companies" lists. Last year, they merged with CVS, 0ne of the largest US pharmacy chains. The $70 billion merger was approved by the US Justice Department. More affordable integrated medical coverage should become available within the next few years. CVS walk-in MinuteClinics are expected to increase in popularity.

They have a wide portfolio of products including comprehensive Group HMO policies (in some states) and lower-cost Group HSA policies. Voluntary benefits, international coverage, retiree plans, and public sector options are also offered. Their individual Marketplace plans were previously very popular in Pennsylvania, including the Bronze $15 copay and Silver $10 copay. "Leap" plans were offered in the Philadelphia area. However, Aetna exited the private individual market three years ago.

Aetna's Pa Senior portfolio is very extensive, and includes Medicare Supplement, Advantage, and Part D prescription drug plans. Policy options include Advantra Silver, Advantra Choice Plan, Aetna Medicare Silver, AdvantaOne, Adantra Silver, Advantra Gold, Aetna Medicaee Gold, Advantra Basic Medical, Aetna Medicare Rx Saver, Select, and Value Plus.  

They also made the decision (like many companies) to not offer policies on the State Exchanges. Aetna's PPO network is also utilized by National General Life in many states for their short-term coverage. Although not offered in the Keystone State, 12-month temporary plans provide low-cost options throughout the year. National General utilizes the Aetna PPO network, and offers $50 Urgent Care copays without a deductible requirement.

Get cheap healthcare in Pennsylvania from Aetna, Unitedhealthcare, Blue Cross or many other companies.


UnitedHealthcare serves more than 26 million clients. With 33 years of experience and 4700 Network hospitals across the US, UnitedHealthcare is one of the biggest players in the industry. They write health or Medicare business in most states and every large city. However, single and family Exchange plans are not offered in Pa.Previously, UHC offered Marketplace plans in 23 states, including Bronze Compass HSA 5500, Bronze Compass 6500, and Silver Compass 4500.

In Pennsylvania, Group (large and small), ancillary, and Senior Medicare plans are available along with "short-term" contracts. Available at all times throughout the year, temporary policies are very affordable and can be approved within 24 hours after completing a simple 15-minute online application. However, these options do not cover pre-existing conditions, or qualify for the Obamacare tax credit. Seniors can choose among many AARP-UnitedHealthcare options including Medigap Plans A, B, C, F, K, L, and N.

AARP-UnitedHealthcare Senior plans are offered (Supplement, Advantage, and Part D). AARP membership is required for Supplement enrollment. UHC pays royalty fees to AARP, who is not an insurance carrier.


Blue Cross

Blue Cross consists of four companies in Pennsylvania. Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield serves 29 counties in the Western area. Highmark Blue Shield serves several areas. Independence Blue Cross (Keystone) serves the Southeastern (Philadelphia) area. And Capital BlueCross (Yes, that is the correct spelling) serves 21 counties and the Lehigh Valley in the Central area. Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania merged with Highmark in 2015, and is no longer a separate company.

A wide selection of plans is available with many copay and deductible options. Plans and rates can vary sharply by area. HMOs and high deductible plans are very popular Pa Blue Cross choices and rates are generally quite competitive when compared to other carriers. Group medical and dental benefits are provided to many small and large employers in the area.

Highmark BCBS competes with UPMC for business in the Western portion of the state. In the Philadelphia area, only Ambetter can provide competitive prices when comparing to Keystone (Independence BC). Network providers also offer coverage in parts of Delaware and New Jersey. Popular under-65 Blue Cross policies throughout the state include Highmark my Direct Blue HMO and EPO Bronze 7900, Highmark my Direct Blue HMO and EPO Bronze 4000, Highmark my Direct Blue EPO Silver 4450 HSA, Capital Blue Bronze PPO 7350/0/60, Independence Blue Cross Personal Choice EPO Bronze Reserve, and Independence Blue Cross Personal Choice PPO Bronze.


 Apply for UPMC medical plans in Pennsylvania. Compare single, family, and Senior plans in the Keystone State.



UPMC offers many affordable options in the Western portion of the state. Both comprehensive and high deductible policies are available to individuals and families. Rates for HSA and high-deductible options are very competitive. You can view their information on this page.

President and CEO Diane P. Holder has reiterated that UPMC will continue to offer Exchange policies, despite many other carriers exiting the marketplace. J.D. Power also recognizes their plans as having the highest "customer satisfaction" of any Pa carrier.  Their main competitor Highmark has also indicated they will continue to participate in Obamacare.

Individual policies utilize the Partner, Select, and Premier networks. The "Advantage Bronze" and "Advantage Silver" plan options offer copays on pcp office visits and are generally among the most affordable comprehensive plans offered. A $0 deductible plan is also available. UPMC For Life plans offer Medigap coverage to Seniors. The six available policies are HMO, HMO Deductible With Rx, PPO High Deductible With Rx, HMO Rx, PPO Rx Enhanced, and HMO Rx Enhanced.



Available in 41 Pa counties, Geisinger plans are very popular with consumers that prefer to stay in-network within their area. Although service is typically personable and considered high-quality, treatment outside of the network results in much higher out-of-pocket costs, unless it is considered an emergency. However, with more than 25,000 physicians and 100 hospitals, generally, you don't have to drive far to be treated.

A wide range of business, single, and family plans can be purchased with or without a federal subsidy and many comprehensive wellness programs help keep patients healthy. Many popular Marketplace plans for persons under age 65 and who are not Medicaid-eligible are available for easy enrollment. Some of these plans include Marketplace Extra 10/50/2000, Marketplace PPO 30/50/5000, and Marketplace Extra 10/50/500.

Senior Geisinger Gold Medicare Supplement options include Plans A, B, C, F, F (High Deductible), M, and N. A Gold Classic Advantage plan is offered along with five prescription drug plans (Gold Classic Complete Rx, Gold Preferred Complete Rx, Gold Secure Rx, Gold Preferred Advantage Rx, and Gold Classic Advantage Rx).



Celtic is a relatively young company, with just 30 years of experience. They have a diversified array of medical plans ranging from inexpensive basic plans to comprehensive plans featuring low out-of-pocket expenses. However, Celtic ceased offering ACA-compliant policies, and now features alternative options.

One important note regarding Celtic is that their parent company, Centene Corporation, is focusing much more on a new product called "Ambetter," which is designed to help consumers on Medicaid. However, the Ambetter product is available on many state and federal Exchanges.Currently, it is not offered in the Keystone State.