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Individual health insurance plans in Pennsylvania are affordable options for unmarried persons. Quality benefits are offered at a very low cost. Several of the biggest US insurers offer comprehensive or basic coverage, coupled with cost-saving features, including Marketplace federal subsidies. Current prices have remained very competitive compared to COBRA and Group plans offered by small employers.

Another important feature is the large Network of physicians and hospitals, which allows policyholders to choose from thousands of providers. Whether you reside in Reading, York, State College, Dillsburg or Mt. Lebanon, you’ll easily find a provider in most carrier networks. Depending on the type of policy, paying for services directly may substantially discount the cost. HDHP plans (required for HSA accounts) typically offer substantial network repricing, and unused funds will not be lost.

Previous Aetna/Geisinger Agreement

Prior to ACA Legislation, Aetna customers had access to Geisinger facilities in the state. The agreement was signed eight years ago and made available more than 1,000 additional physicians. Geisinger services more than two million customers in more than 40 counties in central and northeastern Pa. Their small-group plans are also very popular for businesses with less than 50 employees.

One of their most affordable “Grandfathered” plans was the “Preventative And Hospital Care” policy. This low cost policy featured extensive catastrophic features along with comprehensive preventative coverage. Routine physicals, annual routine Gyn exams, paps and mammograms are all covered without having to meet the deductible. Many other preventive benefits were also included with no waiting period. The deductible was $3,000 and it was one of the most inexpensive medical options in the state.

This policy was very suitable for persons on a strict budget purchasing a plan for the first time. Although there were many features that were not covered, consumers saved hundreds of dollars per year, which was used to offset some of the missing benefits.

Important Note: Because it is a “Grandfathered” plan, new enrollment is no longer available. However, persons that are currently covered under this policy may continue, unless otherwise notified. One reason the price is so low, is because other than preventative and major medical benefits, many limitations apply. This plan was medically-underwritten, so many applicants were declined.

Budget-Friendly Plans

Another budget-minded policy was the “PPO 5000” plan. Covered office visits were not subject to a deductible and extensive preventative coverage was included. Comprehensive prescription coverage was also included with no deductible applied to generic prescriptions and there was no lifetime cap on benefits paid on this plan, or any other plan in the portfolio.

This particular policy was Aetna’s most affordable Pennsylvania copay option. It combined rich features normally found in group plans, with inexpensive premiums. Most years, you did not meet the deductible, so you reaped the benefit of huge savings without sacrificing anything. A $3,500 alternative could also be purchased that was slightly more expensive.

If affordable maternity coverage was needed, the “Aetna HMO ” plan included maternity benefits that provided needed delivery and pre-delivery coverage along with cesarean sections. There were no deductibles to meet and out-of-pocket expenses were substantially less than a typical PPO policy. Once again, preventive benefits were included without having to meet a deductible or a waiting period, and the price was especially attractive if you were under age 40.

The HMO 30 and Keystone Blue Cross plans were two of the finest HMOs in the state prior to the Affordable Care Act legislation. However, the Keystone plan was only available in the Philadelphia area while the HMO 30 contract could be purchased through our website across 95% of the state. Many employers offered Blue Cross plans to their employees. The cost was typically competitive and the network extended to several states.

Aetna HSA Plans In PA

Health Savings Accounts are typically moderately priced. Deductibles are “per person” (maximum of two per family) and coverage is paid at 100% after the deductible is met. Network repricing discounts lower out-of-pocket costs on any covered expense that is subject to a deductible. The most popular deductible options are approximately $3,000 and $6,000. If there are multiple family members, there will be a total of two deductibles per family.

Aetna plans are not necessarily the perfect fit for all situations. As an experienced authority, we thoroughly research all major carriers, to insure you’re offered the best option for your specific situation. There are dozens of private medical plan options, so we’ll help you compare the policies that are most likely to help you most. And you’ll be covered across most parts of the US if you travel.

Quotes on this website are of course free and based on the lowest rates that are offered. We’re confident you’ll find affordable coverage at a great rate. Medical plans for singles are easy to find, and the enrollment process takes less than 20 minutes. You can pay premiums monthly, and choose the type of benefits that best match the benefits you need.