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Cheap Pennsylvania health insurance coverage is available and offered by many of the most recognized companies. We shop and compare low-priced plans from all carriers (both on and off the Marketplace), so you can obtain high-quality coverage at budget-friendly prices. Students, Seniors, single persons, and families can easily find low-cost options. During Open Enrollment, medical questions are not asked, and plans are quickly approved.

Although these policies are not expensive, surprisingly, they contain many benefits that are commonly found in many high-priced plans. They are very economical and provide hundreds of dollars per month in savings. Instantly, you can get fast, free quotes and enroll online. If you have missed the Open Enrollment deadline, and do not qualify for a special exception, alternative medical coverage may still be available, including short-term contracts.

Available Companies

Affordable private under-65 coverage is often provided through Highmark, UPMC, IBX, Geisinger, Capital Blue Cross, Ambetter, Oscar, and Keystone.  We help you compare rates and benefits, so you can apply for the most suitable policy. By viewing multiple options, you’re more likely to pay less for your policy. Additional companies offer Senior Supplement and Medigap plans. Dental, vision, life, final expense, and long-term healthcare is also offered.

You may also be eligible for a substantial price reduction by utilizing the Marketplace federal tax subsidy. We can also determine if you are eligible for financial aid or if you must pay the full retail price for coverage. Most Exchange enrollees qualify for financial help, and in many situations, it pays most or all of the premium. However, you are not obligated to enroll in an Exchange plan. “Off” Marketplace policies are offered that often have richer provider networks, and better out-of-state treatment options.

Cheapest Health Insurance Plans In Pa

There are many plans that are considered “cheap,” especially if you qualify for an Obamacare federal subsidy. However, the policies listed below are will cost the least, with all other factors equal. As we noted, some of these plans are not available in all areas of the state.


Highmark my Direct Blue Major Events EPO 8150 – Because it’s categorized as a “catastrophic” tier plan, you must be under age 30 to enroll, unless you can show financial hardship or are exempt from the federal mandate. Three pcp office visits are provided at no cost. Deductible is $8,150.

Highmark my Direct Access Major Events EPO 8150 – Same coverage as prior plan.

Highmark Together Blue Major Events EPO 8150 – Same coverage as prior plan.

Highmark my Direct Access Major Events HMO 8150 – Same coverage as prior plan.

Geisinger Marketplace All-Access Value – Same coverage as prior plans.

UPMC Catastrophic $8,150/0 – $8,150 deductible.

Independence Blue Cross Personal Choice EPO Catastrophic – Three pcp office visits are provided with a $50 copay. Deductible is $8,150.

Oscar Simple Secure – Three pcp office visits are provided with a $0 copay. Deductible is $8,150.


UPMC Advantage Bronze $6,000/$25 – Available in Western counties or the UPMC “Partner Network”. Often the least expensive Bronze-tier plan available to consumers, it has a $25 copay on pcp visits and a $15 copay for generic drugs. The $6,600 deductible is high, although many expenses (including preventive) avoid the deductible. You can get UPMC health insurance quite easily on our website.

UnitedHealthcare Bronze Compass HSA 4900 – This HMO plan is HSA-eligible, so you can pay for medical, dental, and vision expenses with tax-free dollars. The UHC Network is also statewide. The deductible is $4,900 with a maximum out-of-pocket cost of $6,450.

Aetna Bronze $15 Copay HMO Savings Plus – Popular in the Philadelphia area because of cost and large number of available providers in Southeastern Pa. $15 copay on pcp visits with a $5,000 deductible.

UnitedHealthcare Bronze Compass 5500  – Not HSA-eligible but offers copays ($35 and $75) on pcp and specialist visits.

Personal Choice Bronze Basic – Issued by Independence Blue Cross and popular in Southeastern Pa. $30 copay on pcp visits.

Aetna Bronze $20 Copay HMO – One of our favorites, this plan features a low $20 pcp copay and adds a $15 copay on generic drugs.

Highmark Flex Blue PPO 4000 (Community Blue) – $4,000 deductible with 40% coinsurance.

Coventry Deductible Only HSA Eligible –  $6,300 deductible and no coinsurance.



UPMC Advantage Silver $1,750/$30 – Low $1,750 deductible with $30 copay on pcp visits. Specialist copay, however is $80.

Highmark Flex Blue PPO 2100 (Community Blue) – Low $2,100 deductible with $45 pcp copay.

Highmark Health Savings Blue PPO 1700 (Community Blue) – Lower $1,700 deductible than previous plan and HSA-eligible.

Geisinger Health Plan Marketplace POS 30/50/5000 – $5,000 deductible with relatively low $30 and $50 copays on office visits.

Highmark Health Savings Blue PPO (Community Blue) – $2,750 deductible with 20% coinsurance.

Highmark Shared Cost Blue 2650 (Community Blue) – $2,650 deductible with $40 and $60 copays on office visits.

UnitedHealthcare Silver Compass 5000 – $5,000 deductible but very low office visit copays of $20 and $40.

Geisinger Marketplace Extra 10/50/3000 – $3,000 deductible with low $10 copay for pcp visits.

Aetna Silver $10 Copay HMO Savings Plus –  $3,750 deductible with $10 and $60 copays on office visits.

Keystone HMO Silver Proactive HMO –  $0 Deductible (Really!) with $25 and $50 office visit copays. Available in Philadelphia area only.

Pa Senior Medicare Supplement Plans

The least expensive available plans are typically F (High Deductible) and A. Your out-of-pocket expenses are often higher than other options. Illustrated below, are the monthly rates Lancaster County (65-year-old female). Prices will vary for males and/or applicants in different counties. Pa Medigap plans (Advantage and Part D) also will not be identical in each county.

Plan F (High Deductible)

$28 – United American

$35 – New Era Life

$39 – Cigna

$43 – Medico

$48 – Mutual Of Omaha

$50 – Continental Life

$51 – Humana


Plan A

$62 – AARP-UnitedHealthcare

$76 – Transamerica

$90 – Western Catholic Union

$90 – Continental Life

$93 – New Era Life

$96 – Shenandoah Life

$100 – Liberty Bankers Life

$102 – Thrivent

$103 – Equitable National Life

$104 – Prosperity Life

$105 – United American

$105 – Companion Life

$106 – Greek Catholic Union

$107 – Cigna

$107 – Guarantee Trust Life

$107 – CSI Life

$107 – National Guardian Life

$109 – Philadelphia American Life

$110 – Individual Assurance

$110 – Medico

$111 – Humana

$112 – Manhattan Life

$114 – Mutual Of Omaha

$116 – Combined Insurance

$142 – Gerber

$143 – Oxford Life

Each year, new plans are introduced (both under-65 and Senior), and prices adjust on existing plans. Often, continuing the current plan is the best option. However, shopping and comparing all available options only takes 15 minutes.