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When you purchase Pennsylvania health insurance, getting the best available benefits at the absolute lowest available rate is our priority. You should be able to easily compare plans from the top-rated companies and receive any federal tax subsidy that could potentially lower your premium. Whether you need to enroll in a subsidized Marketplace plan, or off-Exchange policy, we always provide the best available options at the lowest price. Also, and just as importantly, we utilize the most modern software to keep our website safe and secure. Within minutes, you can be covered under a reputable and reliable plan.

Buying Pa medical coverage online can save you time and money since you can quickly and easily find many low-cost offers. We represent all of the leading companies so that your plan is approved by a quality carrier and you have access to healthcare in your area. And you’ll be able to use your coverage as long as you need it. There are no fees or enrollment charges, and typically, it takes less than 20 minutes to complete your online enrollment. At any time, you can cancel your policy. And at any time throughout the year, several types of medical coverage are available.

If You Have Existing Coverage

If you are presently covered through your employer’s group plan, and the rate is reasonable, you should keep the policy. If premiums raise beyond the point of affordability, or your employer stops offering benefits, we can help. Due to past changes in legislation, many employers are reducing worker hours to “part-time” status, and benefits may be lost. Important: If you are given the opportunity to purchase employer-provided benefits, unless the plan is considered “unaffordable,” you are not eligible to receive a federal subsidy.

Open Enrollment through the Pa State Exchange can be quite confusing and our three decades of experience will help you find and review the best quotes, pick out the best plan for your circumstances, and apply without answering any medical questions. Open Enrollment is also available at any time of the year if you qualify for a “special event.” When you reach age 65, Senior Medicare products will likely be offered without having to prove insurability. Medicare Advantage, Part D prescription drug, and supplement plans help you reduce potential out-of-pocket costs. Many Advantage contracts include prescription drug benefits.

If you are currently uncovered and it’s outside of the Open Enrollment period, unusual exceptions that allow you to enroll include becoming a U.S. citizen, getting married, becoming ineligible for Medicaid or CHIP, leaving incarceration, and becoming a member of a recognized Indian tribe. If you don’t qualify for a life-changing event, alternative plans are available.

Before you purchase an individual policy, please review these tips:

· Allow us to help you select the right policy. With our unbiased advice and experience, we make certain you are getting an affordable high-quality policy that provides the coverage you need most. By using our website, you receive free advice and access to the state’s best carriers. The Marketplace can be challenging, and we help you understand how to properly navigate through it. Finding healthcare coverage in Pa is what we do best. Calculating your subsidy and assisting with income-verification forms (if required) are free services we provide.

· If you don’t understand terms and definitions, such as what deductibles and coinsurance are, or what a copay and maximum out of pocket expense means, we will gladly explain them to you. The language can get a bit confusing, and we can probably help simplify it for you. Matching you with the most appropriate offer is very important. Once eligible for Medicare, Senior Medigap options can be reviewed.

· If you buy a policy from us, please do not hesitate to email or call any time you have any questions regarding your coverage. In many instances, we will provide an answer quicker than directly contacting the insurance company, and much more efficiently than attempting to contact the .gov website. Our free service continues as long as you have your policy. We will typically respond to a phone call or email within 25 minutes. A library of resources is available 24/7.

· Determine if your need is long-term or short-term. If you only need coverage for six months (or less), an inexpensive short-term policy will be the best choice. If you’re not sure which type of policy to buy, we thoroughly explain the benefits of each option. Short-term plans are usually approved within 24 hours. They are perfect if you need cheap coverage until you apply for another policy. They are also a smart solution if you miss the Open Enrollment deadline. Several carriers offer 12-months of guaranteed coverage, although the maximum term benefit will be between $100,000 and $2 million.

· Consider a “Health Savings Account” (HSA) or “catastrophic” plan. If you don’t visit the doctor often and are in excellent health, the savings could be substantial. There are many Pennsylvania HSAs to consider, and we’ll help you choose the most appropriate coverage. Higher-deductible policies are a popular choice, and you do NOT have to make extra contributions because you have an HSA. However, an HDHP is required. Once the HDHP is no longer active, additional contributions can not be made. When you become Medicare-eligible, past accumulated funds can still be used.

OK…Now Get Your Free Quote!

Anybody can go online and get a quote. But understanding how to pick the best plan is much different. Many factors must be considered, including whether it is within an Open Enrollment Period, if you eligible for a federal tax subsidy, if your doctors and hospitals are “in network,” and determining which “Metal” plans best meet your needs. You may also need a small group or Senior product.

By using our website, you receive low premiums, along with personalized service. We make the process of comparing plans quicker and provide the easiest methods for you to apply for your policy. You’ll not just save money, but you will know you have the right coverage from a quality carrier.