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Pa adultBasic May Be Restored

Pa adultBasic, the state funded healthcare plan for low income adults may be making a triumphant return. Earlier this month, with the help of former policyholders through a class-action lawsuit, Judge Dan Pellegrini declared that it was unconstitutional for the state’s tobacco settlement funds to...

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Medical Plans Raised Premiums For Applicants

Pennsylvania health insurance plans raised premiums for 32% of all applicants that bought medical coverage according to “HealthPocket,” a resource that ranks individual and family plans. The data was obtained by the HHS (Department Of Health And Human Services). More than 10,000 policies were used...

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I Have The Flu! Can My Health Insurance Help Me?

So you have the flu. You’re in good company since millions of others get it every year. I’m sure that makes you feel better already. But what role does your health insurance have in your treatment and recovery? We take a close look, so you understand the impact of your coverage and how you can use...

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Pa Health Care Exchange For Animals, Vegetables And Steelers

By now, many of  you know that in 2014, a “Health Insurance Exchange” will be established in Pennsylvania to assist consumers purchase their medical coverage. Of course, our website will continue to be your first stopping point in this process. But there is one little problem. Obamacare, despite...

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