Affordable Pittsburgh health insurance plans are available from Pennsylvania's major companies, such as Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, UPMC, Coventry, and UnitedHealthOne ( Golden Rule). We help residents of Western Pennsylvania compare multiple carriers, research and apply for the best available individual and family medical coverage so they can pay lower rates quality benefits. UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, and several other carriers offer Group and Senior plan options, but not private single or family medical coverage.

There are no brokerage fees ever associated with our website, and we also assist you in Open Enrollment through the State Exchange and Marketplace. If you waited too long for Open Enrollment (OE), we will show you low-cost options that will cover you until the next OE period. There are numerous options that will keep premiums substantially below Obamacare plans. Open Enrollment for 2017 effective dates began on November 1st.

Senior healthcare coverage in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and Western Pennsylvania is offered by many large and small insurers. Medicare Supplements, Advantage, and Part D prescription drug plans are priced very competitively. Popular companies include Advantra (HealthAmerica), Humana, UPMC, Highmark, Aetna, AARP (UnitedHealthcare), and Gateway.

Highmark BCBS

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield serves the 29 counties of Western Pa, including the Pittsburgh area. Available private (non-employer-provided) plans include: my Connect Blue EPO 250G, my Connect Blue EPO 1000G, my Connect Blue EPO 1750S, my Connect Blue EPO 2500S, my Connect Blue EPO 6500B, my Community Blue Flex PPO 1700GQ, my Community Blue Flex PPO 2100S, my Community Blue Flex PPO 2800SQE, my Community Blue Flex PPO 6800B, Comprehensive Care Flex Blue PPO 500, Health Savings Blue PPO 1700, Health Savings Blue PPO Embedded 2700, and Major Events Blue PPO 7150.

Rates and coverages vary, so we carefully determine which of the Highmark plans (if any) would be the perfect fit for you. Although popular with small business owners and the self-employed, anybody who pays for their own coverage, including students and retired persons, should also consider these options. By utilizing the Blue Cross nationwide network, coverage is offered throughout most of the US.

Senior Medicare Supplement plans offered in Allegheny County include Plans A, N, B, C, F, and F (HD). Two Part D prescription drug plans are also offered (Blue Rx PDP Plus and Blue Rx PDP Complete). The nine available Advantage plans are Community Blue Medicare HMO Signature, Freedom Blue PPO Classic, Security Blue HMO Deluxe, Security Blue HMO Standard, Security Blue HMO Basic, Security Blue HMO ValueRx, Freedom Blue PPO ValueRx, Freedom Blue PPO Select, and Community Blue Medicare HMO Prestige.

Pre-Exchange Highmark Plans No Longer Available

The Highmark DirectBlue and PPOBlue plans, which are no longer available, offered comprehensive coverages including preventive care services, prescription coverage, and complete access to the Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield networks. Office visits, inpatient hospital services, diagnostic services and maternity care were just a few of the additional benefits of each plan.

The AdvanceBlue was a newer plan that provided a copay on office visits that the other two pans did not offer. It became a very popular plan in the Pittsburgh area for small business owners that wished like to provide inexpensive benefits at a cost that was within their budget. The "Shared Cost Blue" effectively accomplishes the same thing today.

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UPMC has been steadily adding market share in Allegheny county and nearby counties. They are in direct competition with Highmark and have a vast network of providers. Despite ongoing disputes and litigation with Highmark, UPMC offers very competitive rates, and often features the lowest-cost options.

The cheapest offered policy is the Advantage Bronze $6,000/$25. Although the deductible is high, the pcp office visit copay is only $25 and the generic drug copay is $15 and not subject to an additional deductible or coinsurance. The Partner and Select networks are both available.

Perhaps the best "bargain" policy is the Advantage Silver $1,750/$30 EPO plan. The low $1,750 deductible is very attractive along with the $30 copay on pcp office visits. Households with incomes between the Federal Poverty Line (FPL) and 250% of the FPL are eligible for "cost-sharing." This feature can potentially save thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses by reducing the deductible and copays.

NOTE: The ongoing battle (in and out of the courtroom) between UPMC and Highmark continues, costing millions of dollars in legal fees, and perhaps depriving Pa residents of "in-network" coverage in specific situations. Recently, the Allegheny County School system was asked by UPMC to terminate the availability of the Highmark Blue Flex PPO plan to its employees and consider a more competitive bid process. For now, the school system will continue to offer it's current options to workers.

Aetna And UnitedHealthOne

Two of the nationís largest insurers, Aetna and UnitedHealthOne, also offer extremely competitive† Group and Senior rates in the state. Both carriers have nationwide networks and most physicians and hospitals in the area accept coverage. Older "grandfathered" plans are still in-force for many individuals and families. NOTE: Aetna also offers policies through Coventry, a company they previously purchased.

Coventry Options

Coventry's Bronze Deductible Only HSA Eligible plan (no longer offered) featured tax-deferred accumulation with a high $6,300 deductible. There was no coinsurance and the Aetna provider network was used. The Bronze $20 copay HMO plan was slightly more expensive but offered a $20 copay on pcp visits with a $5,750 deductible.

The Silver $10 Copay HMO offered a very attractive $10 copay on pcp visits. Specialist visits and generic prescriptions did not have to meet a deductible. Mix in the fairly low $3,750 deductible, and you can see why this plan was one of the best value contracts available from any company.

UnitedHealthOne Options

UnitedHealthcare's Bronze Compass HSA 4900 is their cheapest non-catastrophic policy offered on or off the Marketplace. The deductible is $6,450 with no coinsurance. Of course, the policy is HSA-eligible. The UHC provider network is countrywide and is one of the largest in the US.

The Silver Compass 5000 is one of the most competitively-priced policies in Allegheny, Washington, Westmoreland, and Butler Counties. One of the most attractive features are the low copays ($20 and $40) on pcp and specialist visits respectively, with no maximum cap. Both generic and brand name prescriptions do not have to meet the larger major medical deductible of $5,000.


Coverage For Seniors In Allegheny County And Western Pa


Medigap and Medicare Advantage options are also available throughout the Pittsburgh area. Whether it is AARP, Humana or other smaller carriers, there are many choices that will budget-friendly. An Open Enrollment is available yearly for persons with serious medical issues. Additionally, for children under age 19 in low-income households, CHIP is a very popular plan to utilize.

CHIP Plans In Pittsburgh Pa

Medicare Supplement plans pay some (or most) of the out-of-pocket expenses not covered when you submit a claim. Some of the most affordable options are offered through Medico (High Deductible Plan F), Humana (High Deductible Plan F) and Mutual Of Omaha (Plan A). However, it's important to properly compare and understand all available plans to ensure you are choosing the most appropriate coverage.

Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) provide Parts A and B through a private insurer instead of the Federal Government.Premiums are typically lower than standard Supplement contracts, and also may offer additional benefits. Often, drug coverage (Part D) is included.

Some of the least expensive options are Geisinger Gold Reserve (Geisinger), Community Blue Medicare Signature (Highmark), Advantra Basic Medical and Silver (HealthAmerica), UPMC For Life (UPMC), Humana Choice R5826-062 (Humana), and Security Blue ValueRx (Highmark).

Final Note: We have listed below the major hospitals in the Pittsburgh area. Please contact us to determine if your policy includes these facilities in their provider network.

Allegheny Cancer Center

Allegheny General

Children's Institute

HealthSouth Harmarville Rehab

Jefferson Regional Medical Center

Ohio Valley Hospital

Saint Clair Memorial


Veterans Administration

West Penn Allegheny Health System




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Old News:

About 400,000 Pa residents (many reside in the Pittsburgh area) will not lose federal subsidies. The US Supreme Court ruling in King Vs. Burwell (6-3) allows states that use the Federal Exchange to continue to offer subsidized coverage.With 2016 Open Enrollment beginning in four months, once again, many low-cost policies will be available.

Hiighmark's BlueCard policyholders may have been affected by a security breach at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield which serves Rocherster (New York) and the surrounding area. Names, social security numbers, dates of birth, and financial information may have been compromised. The online attack happened in early August and may have impacted more than 10 million persons.

This security incident is not the first† for Highmark, who in recent years has been attacked. As a result, free identity-theft and credit-monitoring services have been provided to help protection against future problems.