Affordable Philadelphia health insurance insurance rates for single persons or families are available. We provide free quotes, direct online enrollment, and expert guidance in the Philadelphia area. Get the lowest on and off-Marketplace prices in Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, and Philadelphia Counties. In less than one minute, compare comprehensive plans at the lowest available prices. A federal tax credit may pay most or all of your cost, if you qualify.

Exchange plans are offered by Independence Blue Cross (Keystone). Southeastern Pa medical rates have remained fairly competitive compared to most other parts of the state. Nearby New York and New Jersey premiums are generally much higher. Several other companies offer "short-term" plans that can be kept for up to 12 months. Small Group coverage is offered by additional carriers. Fee-For-Service (Major Medical) and Managed Care (HMO, PPO, and POS) plans are available that can be customized to meet your specific company needs.

Senior Medigap options (Supplement, Advantage, and Part D prescription drug) are also available from many companies. Often, you can reduce potential out-of-pocket expenses not covered by original Medicare coverage.

Federal Obamacare Subsidies

We continue to offer the lowest available prices and never charge any fees for our service. Only quality policies are shown while "limited benefit discount plans" are excluded. You can easily compare the best offers by simply placing your zip code at the top of the page. Only a few simple questions are needed and you are not required to reveal any personal information. We can help you compare the top-rated offers and guide you through the application process.

During Open Enrollment periods (November 1 through December 15), federal subsidies are offered to households with income between 100% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. The money received is tax-free and instantly applied to reduce the policy premium. Below, we illustrated several scenarios with the corresponding annual subsidy amount. Senior Medicare plans are not eligible for federal subsidies.

35 year-old with $25,000 household income - $5,640

45 year-old with $30,000 household income - $6,204 

55 year-old with $30,000 household income - $10,896

30 year-old couple with $40,000 household income - $10,356 

50 year-old couple with $50,000 household income - $16,536


List Of Companies Offering Marketplace Plans


Affordable health insurance plans in Philadelphia from Keystone Independence Blue Cross are available. Federal subsidies reduce rates in Pennsylvania.


Independence Blue Cross (IBX) is one of the nation's largest insurers. They provide coverage in 24 states and more than two million persons in Southeastern Pennsylvania. As part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield network, providers are available in most areas of the US. You can enroll in plans that are eligible for federal tax credits along with options that are not federally-subsidized.

Keystone plans continue to be some of the most popular private healthcare options. Their service area includes Bucks, Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester and Montgomery counties. In addition to the customary "essential health benefits" you expect, the Keystone Health Plan East HMO network allows you to choose from a wide range of local doctors, specialists, hospitals, and other facilities.

Naturally, this can be an important benefit if you have ongoing medical issues that require annual treatment. However, if you live outside of the coverage area, you must select a different carrier, such as Aetna or UnitedHealthcare. NOTE: For Seniors, four Medicare Advantage prescription drug plans are offered, three Advantage plans, and numerous Supplement options including Plans A,B,C,F,F (High Deducible) and N.

Independence Blue Cross Plans



Personal Choice Catastrophic - $50 copay for first three pcp office visits. $7,350 deductible with 0% coinsurance. NOTE: You must be under age 30 to qualify for coverage.



Personal Choice Bronze Reserve - $6,650 deductible with 0% coinsurance. Telemedicine visits are fully covered.

Personal Choice PPO Bronze - $5,500 deductible with 50% coinsurance. $50 copay for pcp office visits.



Keystone HMO Silver Proactive - $30 and $60 office visit copays with $1,500 deductible. $15 generic drug copay.

Keystone HMO Silver Proactive - Similar to prior plan but no deductible.

Keystone HMO Silver - $2,000 deductible with $35 and $70 office visit copays. Slightly lower maximum out-of-pocket expenses ($6,450 vs. $6,850) make this plan more expensive than the previous two options.

Personal Choice PPO Silver - True PPO plan with $30 and $75 office visit copays with $2,000 deductible. Similar to previous plan, but with PPO provider list instead of HMO.

Blue Cross Silver (Multi-State) - $20 and $70 office visit copays with $2,000 deductible.



Keystone HMO Gold Proactive - No deductible with $15 and $40 office visit copays. $15 generic drug copay.

Keystone HMO Gold - Similar to previous plan but lower deductible ($5,000 vs. $6,850) and higher office visit copays ($25 and $60).

Personal Choice PPO Gold - PPO (instead of HMO) with $20 and $60 office visit copays.

Blue Cross Gold (Multi-State) - Similar to previous plan, but with $10 pcp office visit copay instead of $20.



Keystone HMO Platinum - No deductible with $15 and $30 office visit copays and $3,000 maximum out-of-pocket expenses. Most prescriptions do not have to meet copay including generic drugs ($5 copay).

Personal Choice PPO Platinum - PPO with no deductible and $10 and $40 office visit copays. Maximum out-of-pocket costs of $2,500.

Personal Choice PPO Platinum Complete - Similar to prior plan with $2,000 maximum out-of-pocket expenses.


Aetna Plans (Options shown below are not available for new business, but may be retained if offered as "grandfathered" contract)


Leap Basic HSA - Health Savings Account option with $5,825 deductible and 0% coinsurance.

Leap Basic Plus - $6,500 deductible with 0% coinsurance. Generic drugs available with only $10 copay.

Leap Everyday - Silver-tier plan with $5,000 deductible and $25 pcp office visit copay.

Leap Everyday Plus - Similar to prior plan but with $10 pcp office visit copay and lower deductible of $4,210.

Leap Specialty - Lower $3,000 deductible (Gold-tier) with copays on both pcp and specialist visits ($10 and $75).

Leap Diabetes - Most expensive Aetna plan in Pennsylvania. $3,200 deductible. $10 and $100 office visit copays.


UnitedHealthcare Plans  (Options shown below are not available for new business, but may be retained if offered as "grandfathered" contract)


Bronze Compass HSA 5500 - Health Savings Account with $5,500 deductible.

Bronze Compass 6500 - Office visit copays of $45 and $100. $6,500 deductible.

Silver Compass HSA 2000 - Health Savings Account with $2,000 deductible.

Silver Compass 4500 - Office visits of $10 and $30 (very low) with $4,500 deductible. Also low $5 copay for generic drugs.

Gold Compass 0 - $0 deductible with $30 and $60 office visit copays. Maximum out-of-pocket costs, however, is still $6,850.

Gold Compass 1000 - Similar to 4500 plan, but with lower deductible of $1,000.

Get assistance from the Philadelphia Health Department. Stay healthy and take advantage of many free programs.


Role Of Public Health Department


The Public Health Department for the city of Philadelphia also provides help to consumers in the area. Free assistance is offered on a wide range of topics and concerns, including, mental health services, smoking cessation support, birth or death certificates, prenatal and baby care, fighting the flu, animal and insect issues, breastfeeding, and childhood lead poisoning prevention.

There are eight neighborhood locations in the area that provide medical care, ambulatory services and many types of treatment to local residents. Medicaid, Medicare and many HMO (and some PPO) plans are accepted. If there is no coverage in place, a nominal fee will be required. Family planning, checkups, immunizations and nutritional counseling are just a few of the many available treatments and services.

If there is a health emergency, you can call (215) 685-6748. Separate phone numbers are available for specific concerns, such as HIV information and testing, complaints about restaurants, suicide and crisis intervention, animal licensing, and food poisoning reports.


Affordable Medicare Supplement Plans for Seniors in the Philadelphia area. Instantly compare the best rates and enroll online.


Medigap Coverage For Seniors In The Philadelphia Area


If you have reached age 65, you are probably covered by standard Medicare. Although coverage is fairly comprehensive, there are many expenses that you still may have to pay, including coinsurance, deductibles, copays, and additional out-of-pocket costs. Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans offer affordable options that help pay for these expenses, and also include some additional benefits. Quite simply, they "fill in the gaps."

After enrolling in Medicare Part B, a six-month Medigap "Open Enrollment Period" (OEP) allows you to compare and choose options without medical underwriting. An additional period begins in October of every year. Of course, throughout the year, you may be able to apply for supplemental coverage, although acceptance is not guaranteed.

It's extremely important to properly research, compare, and understand which Senior plans will benefit you the most. Although price is an important consideration, other factors must be considered. We have listed below available policy options. However, the cost of coverage should not be the sole reason for enrolling in the plan.


Philadelphia Medicare Supplement Monthly Rates (Prices For 65 Year-Old Female)


Plan A

$88 - AARP-UnitedHealthcare

$93 - Transamerica

$107 - Humana

$114 - Continental Life

$114 - Western Catholic Union

$117 - Shenandoah Life

$121 - United American

$129 - Liberty Bankers Life

$131 - Thrivent

$132 - Equitable National Life

$132 - Cigna

$133 - Aetna

$134 - Companion Life

$136 - New Era Life

$136 - Greek Catholic Union

$137 - CSI Life

$137 - Guarantee Trust Life

$141 - Manhattan Life

$141 - Medico

$144 - Individual Assurance

$147 - American Retirement Life

$151 - Mutual Of Omaha

$156 - Combined Insurance

$159 - Philadelphia American Life

$179 - Oxford Life

$189 - Gerber


Plan B

$119 - Shenandoah Life

$122 - Continental Life (Aetna)

$127 - Transamerica

$131 -  Manhattan Life

$134 - Cigna

$143 - Greek Catholic Union

$148 - Individual Assurance

$148 - CSI Life

$150 - Mutual Of Omaha

$151 - New Era Life

$156 - American Retirement Life

$157 - Central States

$157 - United American

$162 - Medico

$164 - Companion Life

$182 - Combined Insurance

$190 - Equitable

$195 - Philadelphia American Life

$199 - Oxford Life

$219 - Gerber

$222 - Humana


Plan C

$183 - AARP-UnitedHealthcare

$188 - Manhattan Life

$191 - CSI Life

$195 - Central States

$203 - Mutual Of Omaha

$215 - Philadelphia American

$218 - Oxford Life

$254 - United American

$264 - Gerber

$289 - Humana


Plan F (High Deductible)

$32 - United American

$47 - Cigna

$50 - Medico

$50 - New Era Life

$60 - Mutual Of Omaha

$63 - Continental Life

$69 - Humana

$80 - Aetna


Plan F

$156 - Cigna

$158 - Continental Life

$165 - Medico

$173 - Companion Life

$180 - Transamerica

$182 - Aetna

$184 - AARP-UnitedHealthcare

$189 - New Era Life

$189 - Manhattan Life

$192 - CSI Life

$197 - Mutual Of America

$212 - United American

$265 - Gerber

$272 - Equitable

$295 - Humana


Plan N

$101 - Continental Life

$102 - Shenandoah Life

$103 - Equitable National Life

$105 - Manhattan Life

$107 - Western Catholic Union

$108 - Transamerica

$110 - Cigna

$110 - Greek Catholic Union

$112 - American Retirement Life

$113 - Thrivent

$115 - Cigna

$117 - Liberty Bankers Life

$117 - Central States

$119 - CSI Life

$127 - Medico

$131 - AARP-UnitedHealthcare

$135 - Mutual Of Omaha

$153 - Oxford Life

$157 - United American

$158 - Philadelphia American

$164 - Combined Insurance

$172 - Equitable Life

$174 - Humana


Advantage Plan  Options In Philadelphia County

AdvantraOne - $19 per month premium, with $195 deductible and 5,357 available formulary drugs.

Aetna Medicare Choice Plan - $0 per month premium, with $150 deductible and 5,343 available formulary drugs.

Cigna-HealthSpring Advantage - $0 per month premium, with no prescription drug benefits.

Cigna-HealthSpring PreventiveCare - $0 per month premium, with $310 deductible and 3,635 available formulary drugs.

Gateway Health Medicare Assured Select - $0 per month premium, with $405 deductible and 3,253 available formulary drugs. 

Health Partners Medicare Basic - $0 per month premium, with no prescription drug benefits.

Health Partners Medicare Value - $0 per month premium, with $350 deductible and 3,932 available formulary drugs.  

Humana Gold Plus H6622-037 - $0 per month premium, with $0 deductible and 3,776 available formulary drugs.   

Humana Gold Plus H6622-039 - $0 per month premium, with $350 deductible and 3,325 available formulary drugs.

HumanaChoice H5216-116 - $0 per month premium, with no prescription drug benefits.  

HumanaChoice R0923-001 - $0 per month premium, with no prescription drug benefits.    

Keystone 65 Basic Rx - $0 per month premium, with $300 deductible and 3,899 available formulary drugs. 

Keystone 65 Focus Rx - $10 per month premium, with $200 deductible and 3,899 available formulary drugs

UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete - $0 per month premium, with $0 deductible and 3,919 available formulary drugs.

UPMC for Life HMO Deductible with Rx - $20 per month premium, with $0 deductible and 3,915 available formulary drugs


Part D Drug Plan Options

Humana Walmart Rx

Humana Preferred Rx

Humana Enhanced

Coventry First Health Part D Premier Plus

Coventry First Health Part D Value Plus

SilverScipt Choice

Cigna HealthSpring Rx Secure

Aetna Medicare Rx Saver

Symphonix Value Rx

EnvisionRxPlus Silver

AARP MedicareRx Saver Plus

AARP MedicareRX Preferred




Considered a trusted authority for Philadelphia health insurance, we will find the policy that offers the coverage you want at a rate you can easily pay. Catastrophic and comprehensive plans, policies you keep a few months, and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are all offered to individuals and families. If there are specific coverages that you don't need (such as maternity), we'll only research plans that exclude that coverage. If you need coverage within 24 hours, it may be possible. CHIP programs are also available for children that meet specific income guidelines.

Comprehensive plans will cover most items, with lower out of pocket costs for office visits and prescriptions. Preventative coverage is normally included and premiums tend to be the highest for this type of coverage. Independence Blue Cross (IBX) Keystone policies are very popular and feature a broad range of benefits with smaller copayments for major claims. Healthcare providers in the area have always maintained a strong relationship with IBX. We can customize benefits so that you don't pay for unneeded items.

HSAs are very popular plans for the self-employed. Health care costs are reduced and the possibility of tax-deferred savings is one of many features in this type of coverage. UnitedHealthcare and Aetna have traditionally provided the most competitive Philadelphia area rates, although the Keystone plans should also be considered.  A wide range of deductibles is available to fit any person's budget. It's one of the best methods to take control of your medical expenses.

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