Pa health insurance quotes provided by our website are free and updated online each day. We help you compare and learn about all of the large health companies and bring you affordable quality coverage that you can count on. We also provide free web quotes along with faxed, phone or hard-copy reports detailing specific coverages and options. You can receive a free customized proposal of the best individual, family or self-employed medical plans available in Pennsylvania.

When you view your information, you can easily shop and apply online for high quality Pa coverage. No “discount” plans are ever used and we carefully check every  company to insure you are getting the most coverage for your premium. If we feel coverage does not warrant the premium they are charging, we will remove that company from our quoting software.

We will also delete any carrier that has a history of contesting an usually high number of claims. We work for you...the client, and never charge any fees. Our advice is based on many years of experience in the field and we want you to get rapid competitive pricing.

If you qualify for  federal subsidy assistance, we will explain how much it can reduce the price you pay and what is needed to obtain the reduction. Most policies will not require you to answer any medical questions (2014) and you will not be denied for any pre-existing condition. Exchange policies will consist of Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze options.

Get the cheapest online healthcare prices in Pa. We shop all of the major companies so you get a federal subsidy (if you qualify) to help pay the premium.

Many factors can affect what you pay for your coverage. Age, height and weight, zip code and health conditions will ultimately play a role in determining the premium. One of our jobs is to find the policies that are the "best fit" for your unique situation. For example, if you have high blood pressure that is controlled by medication, we'll avoid carriers that want to substantially increase your rate for that condition.

If you are overweight, we'll focus on options that don't surcharge you to the point you can not afford a policy.However, as previously mentioned, new federal legislation will eliminate medical questions on most plans.

For senior citizens, or anyone approaching age 65, a Pa Medicare Supplement quote will allow you to compare the best Medigap plans. Once you become eligible for Medicare, there is a six-month Open Enrollment window that allows you to apply for coverage without evidence of insurability.

Our service is always free, and we try our best to edit and add content every few days. And since rates are mandated by the state, you will always receive the lowest rate allowed by the Department Of Insurance. We carefully choose the plans that offer the most benefits for the lowest cost to the consumer. We are your true Exchange that can be trusted.

As reform changes start to impact you and your family, we'll make certain that you know what these changes are and how they can help you. Of course, if Obamacare is altered, we'll keep you up to date on what changes (if any) you should make. National elections can always impact health care issues.

Based on the results of President Obama'a 2012 re-election, we have no reason to suspect that any recent modifications will be repealed. However, there are always changes, such as the delay of businesses required to provide healthcare benefits for their employees. And the verification of smoking status will probably be delayed. will be the "honor system" when consumers are asked if they smoke.

For a free health insurance quote, please fill in your zip code at the top of this page. Within minutes, you'll be able to view the best available Pennsylvania health plans. If you would like to speak to a live person, please call us at (888) 513 6446. We're never too busy to talk to you! And we'll make sure you get the best possible price.