Quality medical insurance in Pennsylvania doesn’t have to be expensive. We help consumers that need coverage for a few months, or need a policy to last a decade. There are many affordable individual Pa medical options that are very low cost. What makes this website so helpful is that we can quickly review hundreds of different plans, and determine the 5-10 best policies that will be the perfect solution for your situation.

And of course, a live experienced broker is available at any time to help you apply for a policy. However, you can also apply directly to the carrier from our website. You simply answer some questions without talking a physical. Underwriting your application does not take long and we can guide you throughout the brief process.

Even the least expensive Pennsylvania health care plans will offer some benefits that you may not realize are included. For example, on most non-temporary plans, national health care reform changes from 2010 now require all qualified preventive benefits to be covered at no cost to the policyholder. There are no deductibles, waiting periods or coinsurance limits that needs to be met.Do you need a physical for work or school? No problem since your policy covers it at 100%.

You can get affordable quality health insurance in Pa without spending too much. offers low cost plans for single or family situations.

This means that annual routine physicals, well baby visits, pap smears, mammograms and preventive colonoscopies don’t cost you anything! And they are covered immediately! That's quite a change from a few years ago. Most of these changes should remain active unless Congress enacts legislation to dismantle these changes. We don't see these benefits changing.

Although “catastrophic” and “high deductible” plans offer low premiums, it’s important to understand the coverage and potential out-of-pocket costs you could possibly face. These types of policies contain varying degrees of benefits once the deductible has been satisfied. Most HSA high deductible plans cover 100% of medical expenses (after the deductible). This is a popular type of plan and is precisely the type of policy that I (myself, wife and two children) have. The cost savings can be substantial, especially over time. And your premiums tend to remain more stable with this type of policy.

However, some catastrophic contracts in Pennsylvania will have limitations on office visit and prescription benefits after a deductible has been met. Common limitations are lack of non-generic prescription coverage, incomplete office visit coverage or no office visit or prescription coverage at all. Premiums can be thousands of dollars less per year, and if the risk is understood, this type of policy is very appropriate. Of course, it's impossible to predict your future medical bills. But a fairly accurate barometer is to look at your personal history for the last 3-5 years. If you have been relatively healthy during that time, there's a good chance that the trend will continue.

Regardless of the type of quality health insurance policy you purchase, you are not required to keep it any amount of time. You do not have to sign a contract obligating you to keep coverage and typically you are not penalized for canceling a plan early. For that reason, “temporary” medical plans have become very popular if an individual or family only needs coverage for a limited amount of time.

Inexpensive health care in Pa for individuals. Compare private medical plans that are cost-friendly at

Rates are cheap, policies are quickly approved and coverage can continue without interruption while you seek other job or employment options. If you need coverage for a longer period of time than originally anticipated, there usually are still many options to consider.

We’ll be happy to review either long-term or short-term Pennsylvania medical options with you. We always publish the lowest prices available from each company. We never charge any fees and with three decades years of experience, we know we’ll recommend the right plan for your unique situation. We listen to what you say before we start our research.

You can call us at (888) 513 6446 or compare rates after using the "Quote" section of the website. Remember....we work for you, and not any  single insurer.