Cheap short-term Pennsylvania health insurance rates are issued by UnitedHealthcare, one of the nation’s biggest and most respected insurance companies with more than 25 million customers. Temporary medical plans are appropriate if you are a student that is about to graduate, between jobs, on strike, not working, or waiting for paid benefits to begin. We also recommend this type of coverage if you are uninsured and would like to cover large claims while paying an extremely low premium or simply need a plan to be approved ASAP.

In addition to UHC, we provide the most competitive prices from other companies that offer these types of policies. Additional carriers include IHC Group, HCC Life, Hill (Companion Life), and selected Blue Cross plans. If these options are available in your area, we provide their prices along with UHC's best offers. Companies that no longer offer coverage include Humana, Aetna, Independence Blue Cross, Geisinger, and UPMC.

UHC Policies

In most areas, UnitedHealthcare (UHC) offers the lowest prices. We offer their temporary policies in Pennsylvania online at direct pricing. We’ll carefully help you determine if this type of  coverage is within your budget and gives you the benefits you need. The application process is easy and the policy approval time frame usually takes less than a day. The insurer's provider list extends across the country, so if you travel, you'll still be covered.

Often, with these types of policies, you truly don't know how long you will need to keep it in effect. It may be nine months and it might only be a few weeks. Regardless, you can cancel any time and a pro-rated refund will be processed and a refund check sent. It's just another great feature of the cheapest type of policy available. You can also utilize it as a stopgap until you determine the exact length of time and type of plan you will need.

Pa Temporary health insurance rates are very cheap. You can apply quickly and get approved within 24 hours. It's the most affordable type of healthcare in Pennsylvania.

Golden Rule, a UnitedHealthcare company, is the underwriter of each policy. You can apply directly through this website and we'll be happy to help you with the process. Both individual and family policies are available. We also represent all of the other top-rated companies such as Highmark, Keystone, Capital Blue Cross, Aetna and others. In situations where their rate is competitive, we will of course consider them. Assurant offers specific plans if you need coverage on a dependent under age 19.

There are Three Available Plans:

Value Plan is the least expensive temporary policy. Length of coverage is available from 1-11 months and a deductible applies to each illness or injury. After the deductible, the insurance pays 80% of covered expenses. Once $4,000 of out-of-pocket expense has been paid, the policy pays 100% of remaining covered expenses. I have found this option to be the most popular of the three plans. It's cheap, straightforward and very easy to understand. If you want basic "no-frills" benefits, this is a very suitable choice.

Plus Plan offers higher benefits than the “Value” plan.  Once again, coverage is available from 1-11 months. However, a deductible only applies to the term of the policy, and not for each incident. Therefore, if you have multiple major medical claims, you will only pay one deductible. After the deductible, the insurance also pays 80% of specified expenses. But you only need to pay $2,000 of out-of-pocket expenses before the policy pays 100%. It's more expensive than the "Value" plan but may include benefits you will not use. But since the extra cost is not significant, it's certainly an option to think about.

Copay Plan offers more benefits and is the most expensive of all three options. A $35 copay applied to in-Network office visits. One visit is allowed for a 1-3-month policy, two visits for a 4-6 month policy and four visits for a 7-11 month policy. If you rarely go to the doctor or specialist, one of the other policies might be a better choice. This policy is the "Cadillac" of all three choices. But it is also the least popular since it includes some perks that may not be utilized.

Prescription drugs are also included. The generic drug copay is $15. Non-generic drugs are also covered but subject to higher copays and coinsurance. A $3,000 per person per period maximum applies. Perhaps I'm biased, but I don't often recommend this option. In my opinion, most consumers seem to feel it is not worth paying the higher cost of the "Copay" policy, since they rarely use benefits. And if you decide to keep coverage a full year, the extra premium will become expensive.


Sample Rates

Our sample individual/family lives in Allegheny County, does not smoke, is in reasonably good health and has no current medical coverage in force. Prices shown are base monthly rates for Value policy.

$50 - 30 year-old male $5,000 deductible

$68 - 40 year-old male $5,000 deductible

$86 - 40 year-old male $2,5000 deductible

$137 - 50 year-old female $2,500 deductible

$167 - 55 year-old female $2,500 deductible

$160 - 40 year-old married couple $2,500 deductible

$246 - 50 year-old married couple $2,500 deductible 



All three plans provide substantial provider discounts for many services that are subject to a deductible. UnitedHealthcare’s National Network consists of more than 650,000 medical care professionals and physicians. Multiple billing and deductible options are also available providing additional flexibility. You can pay the entire cost of the policy at once or simply pay monthly (electronically through a checking account).

If you need to cancel a policy before it terminates, you can request a refund on the unused portion of your coverage, and a refund will be immediately processed. There is a discount if you pay a full term at once. Typically, the request should be in writing and contain your policy number and a signature of the owner of the policy.

Other Options

As previously mentioned, UHC is not the only insurer to offer this type of option. Depending on where you live, other companies, such as Capital Blue Cross Short Term or Highmark may be a better option. We always consider all carriers before making a recommendation. HCC Life, Companion Life and the IHC Group are lesser-known carriers that feature low prices. When you request a quote at the top of the page, we'll include these carriers for your consideration.

Assurant is another large carrier we represent, and in some areas, they are a good fit. But most of the time, the larger provider will be the best choice. HIPAA options might be offered but they may not be very cost-friendly.

For additional specific information, please call us at (888) 513 6446. You can also begin the comparison process at the top of the page. The temporary Pa plan prices will appear after you have provided some basic information. We're familiar with all of the plans and the application process so call or email us for additional information.

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