Cheap Pennsylvania health insurance is offered by many of the most recognized companies. Although these policies are not expensive, suprisingly, they contain many benefits that are commonly found in many high-priced plans. They are very friendly to your budget and provide hundreds of dollars per month in savings.

Low cost coverage is often provided through UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, HealthAmerica, Highmark, UPMC, IBX, Geisinger, Capital Blue Cross and Keystone.  We help you compare rates and benefits so you can apply for the most suitable policy. By viewing multiple options, you're more likely to pay less for your policy.

You may also be eligible for a substantial price reduction by utilizing the Marketplace federal tax subsidy. If you're not sure how much money you'll qualify for, simply ask us. Most Exchange enrollees qualify for financial help, and in many situations, it pays most or all of the premium.

Five of the most popular low cost Pa health insurance options are:

UnitedHealthOne “Saver 80”: UHC’s least expensive plan features unlimited lifetime catastrophic coverage for each insured in the family. Although office visits are not covered, there is some nominal coverage for prescriptions. Premiums are indeed cheap…easily one of the lowest-cost contracts.

Deductible options range from $500 to $12,500. Preventive care is covered at 100%. Dental and vision discounts are included. The most popular deductible options are $2,500 and $5,000.There is also an annual credit that reduces the deductible if you do not meet it each year. It's a great feature that can be a potential big money-saver. If you have three years of relatively small claims, expect your deductible to reduce by 50%. THat's a lot!

Aetna “Preventive & Hospital Care”: A catastrophic plan that offers a $3,000  deductible option. The $1 million per insured lifetime benefit has recently been increased to "unlimited." Covered preventive benefits are NOT subject to a deductible, which is a major plus for this type of plan. Aetna Pennsylvania health insurance rates are always quite competitive. Issue dates are on the 1st and 15th of the month. Like most low cost plans, prescription coverage is very limited. This policy is a great starter plan if you are currently uninsured. And the network of providers covers the entire state and most of the country.

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HeathAmerica's "Rewards" 5000: A fairly popular policy for insureds that want a high deductible ($5,000) but still want decent benefits after the deductible has been met. And that's what this policy provides. A $40 copay for office visits ($60 for specialists) is provided after the deductible. Generic AND brand RX benefits are included with $15 and $50 copays. HealthAmerica's options in the Philadelphia area are very attractive to small business owners. And yes, there are actual cash rewards you can earn by completing specific tasks.

For example, you can earn $100 for completing a designated smoking cessation course or participating in an online risk assessment questionnaire. You must be at least 18 years old and keep the plan in force for at least 10 months. It's a great way to get money back that you have already paid.

Celtic “Basic”: Based in Chicago, Celtic Insurance Company’s low-cost “Basic” plan allows two office visits per person (subject to $30 copay). Adult and children preventive benefits are covered with no waiting period. Prescription benefits cover generic drugs, preferred brand drugs and brand drugs with a generic substitute. However, a $1,000 deductible applies to the RX coverage. The lifetime maximum of $5 million has also been raised to "unlimited" and there is an additional 20 home care visits allowed each year. UPDATE 2014 - This policy is no longer offered in Pa. Celtic features alternatives, although they are supplemental contracts.

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield “PPO Blue”:  A deductible applies on most coverage except preventative benefits. But once the deductible has been met, most benefits are payable at 90%, including office visits, diagnostic services, prescriptions, inpatient hospital services and emergency care. Immunizations, routine annual physicals, pap smears and mammographic screenings are not subject to the deductible. Individual deductible options range from $1,200 to $3,500 and lifetime benefits are unlimited.

This plan is only available to residents of the 29 counties of Western Pennsylvania. It is obviously very popular in the Pittsburgh area. Maternity expenses are covered so it has become a very popular family policy among young married adults. Ten chiropractic visits are also included. Although they are involved in a major dispute with rival UPMC and were recently fined $50,000, they are still a very reputable company and one of the biggest insurers in the US.

See? We told you inexpensive Pennsylvania health insurance options are indeed available. Request your free online quote for additional information.

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November 14 2013 -  The new classification of plan options for 2014 are four "Metal" policies and a catastrophic choice. The cheapest selection would be either the catastrophic or "Bronze," which is the most affordable of the four Metal contracts. Although they have higher potential costs if you develop a chronic condition, they will help you maintain a low rate, especially if you qualify for a subsidy.

August 11 2014 - Companies have already filed their rate requests for 2015 and prices should be made public within the next six weeks. Catastrophic policies will again be the least expensive option on the Marketplace. However, you must be under age 30 os show financial hardship to qualify for this plan.