Affordable Allentown health insurance rates are available from the most respected Pennsylvania  companies. Geisinger, Highmark, and Capital Blue Cross are major carriers that offer high quality coverage at competitive rates. We show you the easiest way to apply for an individual plan.

It does not matter if you are self-employed, unemployed, an individual or a family. The prices we quote are the lowest allowable by each of the insurers. You can also view small and large business proposals.  And we base our recommendations on your specific situation. Both on and off-Marketplace plans are available along with Senior products for Medicare-eligible individuals.

Lehigh County Rates Are Low

Normally, prices in Lehigh County tend to be lower than other neighboring Pennsylvania counties such as Berks, Montgomery and Bucks. Possible explanations are the better pricing of office visits (both primary care and specialist), lower hospital daily room billing and lower malpractice insurance rates for doctors and surgeons. Most carriers can also negotiate favorable pricing with local hospitals and medical facilities. Some examples include:

Lehigh Valley

St. Lukes

Sacred Heart

Good Shepherd Rehab

Fairgrounds Surgical Center



Also, lower-populated areas often have more competitive rates. Keystone HMO plans are available in many counties to the east, but not in Lehigh county. This, despite the fact that Allentown is the third-largest city in the state and the fastest-growing.

Some of the best hospitals in the area (listed above) have very good walk-in clinics, pediatric centers, community clinics and comprehensive testing and imaging facilities. Most major carriers are accepted along with most Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Allentown has some very affordable health insurance plans. We find the top-rated companies and show you the lowest prices.

Least Expensive Health Insurance Plans In The Allentown Area

Although medical conditions are not considered when determining prices, your age, nicotine use, plan you select, and household income (if you qualify for a federal subsidy) will impact what you pay. Companies that offer Marketplace plans include Aetna, Capital BlueCross, Geisinger, Highmark, and Keystone Health Plan Central. The cheapest available plans are shown below:

Catastrophic Tier

my Direct Blue Lehigh Valley Major Events EPO 7350

Marketplace Value (Geisinger)


Bronze Tier

my Direct Blue Lehigh Valley EPO 6950B (Highmark)

my Direct Blue Lehigh Valley EPO 7000B (Highmark)

Marketplace Select HMO 30/60/6100 (Geisinger)

Marketplace  HMO 30/60/6100 (Geisinger)

Capital BlueCross PPO 7350/0/60

Silver Tier

Flex Blue PPO 2100 (Highmark)

Health Savings Blue PPO 1700 (Highmark)

Marketplace POS 30/50/5000 POS and PPO (Geisinger)

Healthy Benefits Value HMO 4500.0 (Keystone Health Plan Central)


Gold Tier

Flex Blue POO 1000 (Highmark)

Marketplace HMO 20/40/4000 (Geisinger)

Marketplace POS HDHP 20/20/1350 (Geisinger)


Platinum Tier

Healthy Benefits Value HMO 0.0.10 (Keystone Health Plan Central)

Marketplace HMO 15/30/0 (Geisinger)

Comprehensive Care Blue PPO 500 (Highmark)


Senior Options


Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and Part D (Prescription) plans are offered by many of the nation's top-rated companies. Although Supplement contracts are standardized, it's still very important to properly compare all options, understand annual changes in rate and benefits, and verify doctors, specialists, and hospitals are part of the carrier's provider network.

As a partial guide, we have listed below several of the most popular Medicare Supplement and Advantage options for Allentown and Lehigh County.


Supplement Monthly Rates For Male Age 65 (Female Rates Are Lower)


Plan A

$62 - AARP-UnitedHealthcare

$86 - Transamerica

$103 - New Era Life

$104 - Continental Life

$106 - Companion Life

$113 - Central States

$113 - Philadelphia American Life

$115 - Cigna

$115 - CSI Life

$117 - Mutual Of Omaha

$117 - United American

$118 - Greek Catholic Union

$121 - Individual Assurance

$123 - Equitable

$124 - Manhattan Life

$126 - Medico

$129 - American Retirement Life

$152 - Gerber

$158 - Humana


Plan B

$106 - AARP-UnitedHealthcare

$112 - Transamerica

$112 - Continental Life

$114 - New Era Life

$117 - Cigna

$119 - Manhattan Life

$124 - Mutual Of Omaha

$125 - Greek Catholic Union

$131 - Companion Life

$131 - Equitable

$132 - Central States

$133 - CSI Life

$136 - American Retirement Life

$145 - Medico

$156 - Combined Insurance

$156 - United American

$172 - Humana

$177 - Gerber

$178 - Oxford Life


Advantage Plans

Geisinger Gold Preferred Complete RX

Cigna HealthSpring Advantage

Keystone SeniorBlue Option 3

Advantra Silver

HumanaChoice R5826-062

Cigna HealthSpring PreventiveCare

Highmark Community Blue Medicare