Affordable Allentown health insurance rates are available from the most respected Pennsylvania  companies. Aetna, United HealthCare, Geisinger, Highmark, HealthAmerica, Celtic and Capital Blue Cross are some of the major carriers that offer high quality coverage at competitive rates. We show you the easiest way to apply for an individual plan.

It does not matter if you are self employed, unemployed, an individual or a family. The rates we quote are the lowest allowable by each of the insurers. You can also view small and large business proposals.  And we base our recommendations on your specific situation. Geisinger Health System insurance quotes are provided separately (software reasons). You can instantly view their rates here

Normally, prices in Lehigh County tend to be lower than other neighboring Pennsylvania counties such as Berks, Montgomery and Bucks counties. Possible explanations are the better pricing of office visits (both primary care and specialist), lower hospital daily room billing and lower malpractice insurance rates for doctors and surgeons.

Also, lower-populated areas often have more competitive rates. Keystone HMO plans are available in many counties to the east, but not in Lehigh county. But in fairness, Allentown is the third-largest city in the state and the fastest-growing.

Some of the best hospitals in the area include Lehigh Valley, Sacred Heart, and Westfield, St. Lukes, Good Shepard and Pocono. Al have very good walk-in clinics, pediatric centers, community clinics and comprehensive testing and imaging facilities. Most major carriers are accepted along with most Medicare and Medicaid patients.

Allentown has some very affordable health insurance plans. We find the top-rated companies and show you the lowest prices.

For example, for a 40-year-old healthy male, catastrophic coverage would cost approximately $65-$85 per month (UnitedHealthcare Saver 80 plan). A comprehensive policy would increase the monthly premium to approximately $115-$175. Allentown HSAs currently cost approximately $115-$150 per month. Capital Blue Cross and Highmark also offer "Value" policies that discount the cost if you agree to waive some benefits.

HSAs are a great option to consider if you have relatively few claims and are mainly concerned with preventive and catastrophic benefits. Blue Cross, Aetna and HealthAmerica offer very good HSA options. There are three available plans that cost less than $100 per month for a 40-year old male. By combining a spouse and dependents on a single policy, you can reduce the total deductible amount and pay a lower premium.

Geisinger also features very attractive rates in the Allentown area, along with other parts of the Central and Northeastern portion of the state. Eleven plans are offered, including policies with deductibles as low as $250. High-deductible options are also available. Please feel free to contact us about specific plans. The PPO 8 is one of their cheapest plans while the PPO 7 costs a little more but includes a copay on office visits. Geisinger, however does not service the Philadelphia or Pittsburgh areas.

Most plans now provide 100% coverage for preventive benefits (part of recent national health care reform changes). There is also no waiting period, copay or deductible to use these benefits. We highly encourage all policyholders to utilize this free benefit. Unless portions of the new  law are changed, these preventive features should remain in place. And since President Obama was re-elected, we don't foresee any changes, regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans control congress.

Although many factors can influence rates, such as medical conditions, age, and smoking status, rates should remain fairly steady for the next 6-9 months. Pending medical insurance reform could possibly result in substantial rate increases for children. Otherwise, rates will remain fairly low until 2014, when most of the health reform changes become effective.

In 2014, although policy choices will reduce, possible tax relief may offset expected higher premiums. A "subsidy" will be offered to single applicants or families that have income between 100% and 400% of the Federal Poverty level. is the primary resource for affordable Allentown health insurance plans. We continuously update rates and provide current information that will help reduce your medical costs. And of course...the quotes are free!