Independence Blue Cross Personal Choice PPO Bronze Basic

The Independence Blue Cross Personal Choice PPO Bronze Basic is one of the most affordable health insurance policies in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Premiums are typically lower than comparable plans from other major carriers and the policy meets all Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Marketplace regulations and requirements.

We offer IBX plans at the lowest available rates. You can easily choose and compare plan details by adding your zip code at the top of the page. There is no obligation to purchase any policy when you view prices. If you purchase the policy during an Open Enrollment period, there are no medical questions to answer and any pre-existing conditions will be treated the same as any new illness or injury.

Large Provider Network

This plan uses the “Keystone” Network so you pay much less for treatment when you utilize approved providers. You can also use your policy if you are outside of the state. The Personal Choice PPO Bronze Reserve and and Keystone HMO policies are alternatives to this plan, although premiums are higher.

A referral is not needed when you use this policy. With almost 60,000 doctors to choose from, you won’t have to drive far to get treatment. This also includes specialists, which may utilized at any time. Pharmacies and Urgent Care facilities are also included, along with Urgent Care centers, Retail health clinics, vision and dental providers, outpatient labs, and patient-centered medical homes.

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Personal Choice PPO

The  policy covers all qualified preventive services at 100% without any waiting period or deductible. The most common preventive benefits are routine annual physicals, mammograms, pediatric immunizations, pap tests and routine gynecological exams.

Additional Highlights Of Plan:


The deductible is $6,600, although there is no coinsurance. Thus, if you reach the deductible, there will not be an additional 10%, 20% or 30% of out-of-pocket expenses you are responsible for.

Office Visit Copay

For the first three non-preventive visits to your primary care physician (PCP), only a $30 copay will apply. However, on the fourth and subsequent visits, although a network-negotiated discount will help reduce the cost, the deductible will apply. For example, a non-preventive visit would include treatment of the flu, common cold, stomach or other virus, minor aches and pains etc…

Typically,  diagnostic tests (including x-rays and blood work), imaging (including an MRI, PET scans and CAT scans) are covered after the deductible has been met.


Generic drugs are covered at 100% after the deductible. Preferred, non-brand and specialty drugs are treated the same way. However, many specialty drugs require precertification. Some of the most common examples are: Avastin, Remodulin, Remicade, Zemaira, Xolair, Synagis, and  Botox. The  complete listing can be found on the IBX Speciality Pre-Certification RX List.

NOTE: This policy somewhat replaces the old Personal Choice 5000, which is described in detail below:

Six nutrition counseling visits are also included. A much broader list of benefits is available. Each year, you may see additional free benefits added. When state Exchanges are available starting in 2014, additional preventive coverage may also be included. As an example, contraceptives and breast-feeding counseling were added for 2013.

Once the deductible has been met, IBC pays 100% of covered expenses. This would include all primary care office visits, specialist office visits, inpatient and outpatient hospital services, emergency room charges, ambulance services medical equipment and MRIs. Whether the amount is $1,000 or $10 million, there is no cap on covered benefits. There is also no annual upper limit.

Also covered at 100% after the deductible are generic formulary, brand formulary and non-formulary prescriptions. There is no  maximum benefit and mail-order is available. Also, occupational therapy, physical therapy and spinal manipulations are all covered benefits, subject to limitations on visits. The concept of this policy is to provide total coverage of your health care expenses after a specific stop-gap amount. And if you have recurring expenses, they will be paid.

Many expenses that are subject to the deductible receive a negotiated network discount which will lower out-of-pocket expenses. Lab fees and X-rays often receive very substantial discounts…often as much as 80%. Even ER visits will be discounted.

Sample Personal Choice PPO 5000 HSA Monthly Rates in the Philadelphia Area:

$111 40 Year-Old Male

$130 40 Year-Old Female

$384 40 Year-Old Male & Female Plus Two Children (Family Of Four)

For additional information regarding this plan or any other Pennsylvania Independence Blue Cross plans, please contact us. We’ll be happy to review your options and help with the application process. You can also apply online or receive a free quote at the top of the page.

UPDATE: The Personal Choice Catastrophic plan is available on the Pa Health Exchange. (You can view Marketplace Exchange rates through our website) Other low-cost policies include the Personal Choice PPO Bronze, Keystone HMO Bronze and Personal Choice PPO Bronze Reserve.

You can still purchase an own a Blue Cross HSA plan. However, the names of the policies have been changed and many deductible options have been eliminated (and a few have been added).

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    Blue Cross Personal Choice PPO HSA 5000 Plan…
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    Keystone is a great company. I see two plans I’m interested in.

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    I have been with keystone a long time. Great plans. Thanks for the updated information.

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    I love my Keystone IBX policy through work. But I need to change it to an individual policy. Hope you can help.