Low Cost Student Health Insurance In Pennsylvania

Low cost student health insurance in Pennsylvania is very easy to purchase.  We help you find quality plans (both on and off the Marketplace) through all of the major insurers such as Aetna, UnitedHealthCare, UPMC, Coventry Highmark BC-BS, Capital BC, and many other providers.  Sometimes, University policies don’t provide the specific benefits that you want.

We’ll show you flexible policies that keep rates affordable but also give you top-notch coverage that you can use almost everywhere. All policy options are Affordable Care Act-compliant and contain all required essential health benefits (required by Obamacare legislation) including maternity, mental health, prescriptions, ER, office visits, hospital and many others.

Any Pennsylvania student rates you view on this website have our “best price” approval. You can apply for these plans either online or by going direct. If you’re a recent graduate from a Pa school, you can also purchase inexpensive short-term coverage, or if you are away from home, there are many options for you. If you are taking part-time hours, you still are eligible.

If you are planning on studying abroad, there are specialty plans that will be much better-suited for the type of international needs you will have. These policies will allow you to receive treatment (including emergencies) in the countries you are visiting, including paying medical bills you incur back in the US until you enroll in a conventional plan.

Which Schools

Most Pennsylvania colleges and universities (Penn State, Pitt, Temple, Duquesne, Penn, Slippery Rock, Villanova, Lehigh etc…) require their students to have comprehensive health insurance, either through a parent’s plan, their own university policy or an individual plan. If you are not eligible for affordable coverage under a parent’s private or employer-sponsored benefit, then buying your own policy from one of the major companies should be considered.

Or, if your school plan is too expensive, you may be able to save money when you buy a private policy. If you are attending a college in another state, it’s important to understand that some plans may limit where you receive treatment (such as an HMO). A PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) is much more likely to allow you to seek treatment away from campus.

Best Student Health Insurance Prices In Pa

View Cheap Pa Student Health Insurance Rates In Minutes

Having a large choice of Network medical facilities, physicians and specialists is extremely important, especially if you attend an out-of-state school. Student health plans purchased through a university could limit the type of care you receive and where you can go to receive the treatment. This may become very evident  if chronic conditions require regular specialist visits. Even if the condition is temporary, the cost could be overwhelming without the most appropriate policy.

We’ll help you find the options that provide the coverage you are required to have. Whether you attend a specific school, or you’re a undergraduate or graduate student, we’re experienced  in making the selection and application process easy. Interpreting the requirements that your school requires can be very confusing and tedious. We compare these types of requirements each day, so we can easily and quickly determine your best course of action.

Provider List

Your own individual plan will include off-site doctors, hospitals and other specialists, if needed. Even if Network specialized medical care is located hundreds of miles from school, you will have access to that treatment. Almost all of the large Pennsylvania health insurers feature large Networks including the best specialists in the state. When we review your options, we’ll make certain that there are a wide selection of providers.

Most companies allow you to be billed monthly, instead of paying an entire semester of premiums at once.  And you can keep coverage after you graduate and also if you never finish. Since you own the plan, you determine if/when you want to renew it. As a result of annual Open Enrollments, you can also freely change plans and companies every year, regardless of any medical conditions you may have.

Student Health Insurance Rates In Pa

For example, a 19-year old in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas (assuming income of $18,000 per year and federal subsidy) can buy comprehensive coverage for as little as $39 per month (see below).

Montgomery, Philadelphia, Delaware, Bucks and Chester Counties

$39 – UnitedHealthcare Compass HSA 4900 – HMO plan.

$42 – Aetna $15 Copay Savings Plus – $15 copay on office visits.

$50 – UnitedHealthcare Compass 5500 – Copays for primary-care-physician and specialist visits.

$63 – UnitedHealthcare Compass HMO – Low $250 deductible with $10 and $30 copays on office visits.

$66 – Independence Blue Cross Keystone HMO – Copays on office visits and most prescriptions.


Allegheny, Westmoreland, Washington, and Beaver Counties


$53 – UPMC Advantage – $25 Copay on pcp visits.

$57 – Highmark Shared Cost Blue PPO 5500 – Copays on pcp and specialist visits.

$62 – UPMC Advantage $1750/$30 – $500 deductible with $15 and $30 office visit copays.

$64 – UPMC $0/$50 – No deductible with $20 and $50 office visit copays.

$76 – Highmark Balance Blue PPO – $200 deductible with $10 and $25 office visit copays.

NOTE: Federal subsidies of $70 (Philadelphia area) and $22 (Pittsburgh area) were automatically included in the above plans to help reduce premium.


Get Best Pa Student Health Plans Online

Apply For Pa Student Medical Coverage


If you’re working part-time, there is a possibility that you may be eligible for group benefits. However, typically, the most economical employer-based coverage is reserved for full-time employees.  Thus, your group rate may be quite high compared to other private options. There also may be a specific employee  “open enrollment” period, and if you miss the deadline, you’ll have to wait another year.

We prefer private options because you can also customize a policy to match the benefits that you feel are the most important. Thus,  if you need maternity or tuition protection with low out-of-pocket costs for a medical condition withdraw, there are specific carriers that will specialize in those needs. There are many occasions, when schooling may be interrupted because of a sickness or illness. That’s when you need your own coverage the most.


2015 Pa University Student Health Plan Information And Rates


Pitt – UPMC provides the “Panther Blue General Student” policy with full utilization of all UPMC facilities. There is no deductible to meet and the maximum out-of-pocket expense is $3,500 for individual plans and $7,000 for a family. Inpatient services have a $250 copay while out-patient care is covered at 100%. Office visit copays are $10 for pcp (primary care physician) and $25 for a specialist. The monthly rate is $205 for an individual. and $574 if children are added. The family rate is $1,726.

Penn State – Aetna provides benefits to students taking more than three credit hours of classes. Hershey medical students are also eligible to apply. Deductibles are a low $250 per person and $500 per family with maximum out-of-pocket expenses of $1,350 and $2,700 respectively. Most major medical claims are covered at 90%. The annual rate for an individual is $2,838. However, adding children costs an extra $4,248 and adding a spouse increases the premium another $7,056.

University Of Pennsylvania – “PSIP” is offered and Aetna is again the underwriter for undergraduate students. Graduate and professional program students have their costs included in their attendance budget when estimating financial aid. The Preferred Class deductible is only $300, and copays for drugs and office visits are typically between $20 and $40. The single-person rate is $3,140. Spouse benefits add $4,808 to the premium and multiple-dependent coverage is available for $5,667. Dental benefits are also offered with no medical underwriting.

Indiana University Of Pennsylvania – IUP does not offer coverage. However, they “endorse” Consolidated Health Plans, which is a Berkshire Hathaway company. The cost is $1,888 per person and a whopping $7,250 for adding a spouse. Each child cost an additional $3,581. Nationwide is the underwriter of the contract and the Cigna Network may be used to lower out-of-pocket expenses in many situations.


Impact Of Legislation

There is now a student “Bill Of Rights” which can be found by clicking on this link. It’s a final ruling that is a part of  “The Affordable Care Act.” It’s very long and wordy so we’ll quickly summarize it. Annual limits may not be less than $100,000 on essential health benefits. Also, the “MLR” (Medical Loss ratio) does apply although plans will be considered separately instead of state by state. Of course, the much longer version can be found through the link.

You may also remain on a parent’s policy until age 26, assuming certain residency and eligibility guidelines are met. This can result in lower premiums (sometimes) and identical benefits as the rest of the family. If a chronic illness is present, purchasing an upper-end Exchange plan may lower out-of-pocket costs, especially if non-generic specialty drugs are needed.

Your free quote only takes a few minutes (see top of page). It allows you to easily see the rates from the best companies. You can also call us at (888) 513 6446. We’ll help you choose the best plan, and explain the easiest way to apply for coverage. If your school or University needs written confirmation, we’ll be happy to provide it.

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